The Stalin – Fish Inn LP

I have to admit, of The Stalin’s four regular studio albums, Fish Inn is the one I listen to the least. This is definitely not because I don‘t like it, or because it’s any worse than its three predecessors. Fish Inn is great, it’s just that I really have to be in the mood for its uneasy, darker, more atmospheric and less bluntly punk/hardcore songs: by its release in 1984 (this here is the re-release from 1986) both bassist Shintarō and guitarist Tam had left, so I guess it’s only natural that Fish Inn is vastly different from trash*, Stop Jap and Mushi.
Though the music itself cannot really be compared, the change in style reminds me a bit of the Dead Kennedys releasing Frankenchrist as the follow-up of Plastic Surgery Disasters.

I wouldn‘t want to stay in a fish inn. Once more: hahaha.

D.O.N.D.O.N. ‎– Skulls. EP

D.O.N.D.O.N.’s first 7“ from 1989: four tracks of absolutely relentless, lo-fi thrash with singer Yoshikawa’s recognisable barking, followed by the five minute epic „Last Supper“ (which is also mostly relentless, lo-fi thrash). Drummer Mokichi must have been a metronome, since the thrashing in all 5 songs is basically the same tempo. Wow, what an EP! It’s only fitting that „dondon“ is a japanese onomatopoeia for knocking, drumming or similar noises (like automatic gunfire, hehe…).

Skulls. Period.

我殺 Crime Fighter – Rude Beat 7“

Rude Beat is Gasatsu Crime Fighter’s first 7“, released in 1984 on ADK (for real this time! I checked! :p ), following their tracks on the Neo Punk Disordery / ADK Omnibus Vol.2 7“. The songs on this 7“ are pretty similar to the compilation tracks: punky, sometimes catchy, minimalist hardcore in typical Penta Studio sound (at least I guess so, there’s no studio mentioned on the sleeve).

Get it (if you wanna)!

v.a. Suck My Life, Suck My Death Compilation EP!!

Another one of the countless compilations by the prolific MCR Company! Released in 1998, The „Suck My Life, Suck My Death Compilation EP!!“ featured four young thrashy hardcore bands: Lego, Razors Edge, Fishy and Food. Razors Edge are still active and have a shitload of releases by now, Fishy and Food had a couple more releases, while the tracks on this comp seem to be Lego’s only release.

Fishy Food, hahaha.

Madame Edwarda ‎– ヒステリックな侯爵夫人 LP

Madame Edwarda’s debut LP, „The Hysteric Marchioness“ from 1984 on City Rocker Records, sadly remained their sole vinyl full-length album; later they would release one more album on tape.
In my opinion the tracks are not as great as the three masterpieces on this 12“, but it is still a great piece of gothic rock.

To the hysteric marchioness!

Kyah – S/T 7“

Kyah’s S/T 7“ from 1984 on R.B.F. Records is chock-full of greatness: its four tracks bounce to and fro between snotty punk rock, new wave, almost-hardcore and post-punk (pretty much like their songs on the R.B.F. 1984 8“ compilation). A really cool 7“, interesting and with a lot of attitude!
The cover’s inner fold-out didn‘t scan too well. It’s printed on reflecting paper, which came out as solid black. I had to improvise, the end result is a bit dull and blurry, but at least you can read the lyrics now.

Btw: the cover of the 7″ opens like an envelope. I love that kind of stuff!

Judgement – Haunt In The Dark 7“

After their first two 7“es which were recorded with Crück’s singer Nori, Judgement recorded their third one with the mighty Bastard’s Tokurow on vocals. His voice really fits these songs, which sound a lot more blunt and direct when compared to their first release. „The Mad Dog“ on Side A is a fast stomper with a cool stop-and-go verse, and „Haunt In The Dark“ on Side B has one of the most recognisable and well-travelled riffs on punk’s history.

Watch your back, you degenerate, there’s a Party in Paris today!

The Willard – Lightning Scarlet 2×7″

Although three of four songs (two studio and two live) on this double 7“ were also released elsewhere, this record is definitely recommended. The title track was also on The Willard’s 2nd LP, Punx Sing A Gloria and Outlaw were both released as studio versions on the eponymous 7“es. Especially the (as far as I know) otherwise unreleased song Untouchable is a true killer track with awesome synth melodies, I was completely floored when I listened to it the first time!

We‘re the lightning, go west!

Tam Boy Ide – Bootleg 10“

How to describe this 10“? Tam, together with Boy and Ide of E.D.P.S. going wild in the studio and recording their crazy, 10+ minute long, purely instrumental improvisations live, maybe? I guess that’s as accurate a description as I can come up with.

Tank, definitely. Relaxation time, not so much.

The Execute – The Antagonistic Shadow LP

After several 7“es, a tape and a split 12“ with Inferno, „The Antagonistic Shadow from“ 1988 was The Execute’s first solo full length vinyl release. At this stage they no longer played hardcore, but had become deathrock/goth in style (after some earlier flirting with darkness, e.g. in Criminal Flowers). Quite hard to imagine that a band, who once released thrashers like these, would produce an album that’s 53 minutes in length, with the longest track being almost 8 minutes.

P.S. It was also made to be played very loud.

v.a. Crack – Gojira Records Complete Collection 1978-1979 LP

The six 7“es on this compilation album, all released in 1978 and ’79, are the complete output of Gozira Records. Mirrors, who also had two tracks on the Tōkyō Rockers live compilation, were the only band to release two 7“es on Gozira. Their songs range from simple, pounding punk rock on the first one to funky/off-beaty post-punky greatness on number two (this is not to say, that the first 7″ was any less great!). Mr. Kite played slow, pondering post-punk; their lovely track Exit B-9 was also featured on Tōkyō Rockers. Tsunematsu Masatoshi would later release more solo records and several albums while playing in E.D.P.S. Compared to his later output these two simple punk tracks are a lot less experimental. Though Flesh’s band members would later go on to play in a number of other acts, this 7“ of cheeky/snotty punk rock (with a synth) was their only release as a band. The same holds true for Maria 023, whose fast stompers are definitely the most aggressive songs on this compilation.

There are several versions of this compilation on tape, LP and CD, with different track lists, sometimes with a different album title. Some include live tracks or even one more band -Pain- from the Tōkyō New Wave ’79 compilation / the Rockers movie.

This album is pure gold.

Poison – 毒 7“

This (kind of) self-titled flexi 7“ from 1985 was Poison’s first release. Since only their vocalist Fighting Soldier would remain for 1986’s follow up Mystery Tempation, this 7“ sounds like it’s from a totally different band. The playing is charmingly amateurish, the songwriting is a lot more primitive and completely different in style: a lot less burning spirits, but more… what? Primitive UK 82, maybe?


Slang – The Immortal Sin 12“

I know it would be such a cliché, but why is this album jacket not black? This album -released in 2008- would be a great aural representation of black. The darkest, sickest, stenchiest and blackest d-beat you and I could wish for! None more black (aurally).

Vantablack, maybe?

Das Gemeine – S/T 7“

This flexi 7“ from 1985 (?) seems to be the only release of this cool ass gothic rock band with a great singer. Halloween on side A is a pretty catchy, almost uptempo number, while Carnival on side B is a slow, 7 ½ minute lamentation; just the kind that would be the most appropriate counterpoint background music for barbarian, uncivilised rituals such as german carnival…

Funny enough, I can‘t really decide which side up the front cover should be displayed. From the way the cover is folded, my scan would be upside down…

But it looks better this way!

Manbiki Chocolate – Super Dimensional Hardcore LP

If you want to know just why Nattō rolls from 7-11 and Mobile Suit Gundam models are relevant to hardcore, download this LP. You‘ll find the answer in the detailed band history in the booklet. This compilation’s got Manbiki Chocolate’s first 8“ 万引伝説 Part-1 from 1990 (bootlegged here), outtakes from the 8“’s recording session, late 90s compilation and CD tracks plus unreleased songs.

Great name for a band, great name for an LP!

Auto-Mod – Cannibal Of Love 7“

Cannibal Of Love, what a title! This 7“ from 1985 is already a bit different from Auto-Mod’s earliest releases: slow, dark and romantic, new wave pop rock with crooning vocals and a wailing saxophone. Side B even has some disco-like moments during the chorus.


Last Bomb – Retro Firing 7″

After Ghoul’s original bassist Bear Bomb quit the band, he went on to sing in Last Bomb. The Retro Firing 7“ from 1986 is their second release. I can‘t help it, but in my mind I always compare this record to finnish Pohjasakka’s „Maailma Täynnä Vihaa“: the guitar sound is just as underproduced, and the playing as frantic, though Last Bomb sound a bit more focused and put more work into their songwriting.

I thought retro was poison?

Allergy – アレルギー作用 12“

Oh man, bands like Allergy and their 1983 アレルギー作用 12“ are the very reason I often despair describing music (well no, not really despair). Sure, „post-“ is a catch-all term I could certainly use, but damn! Resorting to comparisons always works, too: the funky bass lines are surely influenced by Killing Joke’s Youth, and the singer’s wails and warbles bring Theatre Of Hate to mind, but Allergy are definitely no rip-off. Guitarist Ono also played on The Stalin’s Fish Inn LP, which might be a further indication of what Allergy are about musically.

For E.

Age – Survive 7“

Rotting skeletons, tearing out their own hearts while climbing on a dove (?) and holding on to a Flying V! The cover on this 7“ from 2010 is definitely an improvement compared to that one, he. The music’s still the same: heavy, fast, metallic crust with the most throaty-voiced and choking singer you could wish for.

Important to know: The Flying V started out as a blues guitar.

Molugu – Romance 7“

Molugu’s Romance 7“ from 1984, another ADK classic (edit: nope, it’s not. That’s me being sloppy!). The songs are less minimalist than the ones on Neo Punk Disordery, with 3+ minute dirges and 1.5 minute punk stompers in typical tinny, lo-fi ADK (nope, more like Penta Studio) production (including one live track).

No more wasting time with my useless ramblings; get this 7“, it’s great!

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