The Willard – Good Evening Wonderful Friend LP

The Willard released their classic debut album Good Evening Wonderful Friend in 1985 after a string of 7“es. It’s a treasure chest of melodic bombs like Jolly Rogers or Vanguard; especially Nightmare is such an incredibly beautiful, dark and melodic song it’s almost supernatural. If you don‘t love it, you‘ve got no heart!

No heart, you hear me?

Worms‘ Meat – Trust Ownself And Burn Bright EP

Formed in the late 90s and still (or again?) going today, with one album plus a number of compilation tracks (including one Ghoul cover on the tribute to Masami Hosoya) and a couple of 7“es since their inception, Worms‘ Meat are not among the most prolific of bands. But if all of their releases are like their 1st 7“ from 1998, they are definitely worth it: simple and driving japanese hardcore, a powerful and competent delivery with just the right amount of dirty.

Trust Ownself And Burn bright!

Vendetta! – Vendetta EP

Vendetta’s first 7“, released in 2012. Mix high energy UK 82 with Swedes like Missbrukarna, the fast stuff of Nyx Negativ and E.A.T.E.R. (whose present day incarnation Vendetta toured with), then you‘ll get this record. Great, driving and energetic, plus a cool, powerful, lo-fi recording. Sadly, the band is no longer active.

This here is the european pressing, btw.

Gastunk – The Vanishing Signs 12“

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last posted a record by Gastunk. How did this happen? Was it because I had already posted everything I owned by that point? Well, yeah. Anyways, here is their 1986 12“ ep, with four tracks between power metal, hard rock, punk and hardcore. Watch out for songs longer than 6 ½ minutes, acoustic guitars, the sudden ending of an endless waltz, crooning vocals and dual leads!

And over-the-top artwork, of course!

悲鳴 – 監禁 7″

Himei („Scream“) obviously took their inspiration by the legends of early japanese hardcore, The Comes. Their music is very simple hardcore, the recording is underproduced in exactly the right way, and the singer is as much as a banshee as The Comes‘ Chitose was. Kankin („confinement“) was their 2nd 7“, released in 2010 on HG fact.


C.F.D.L. – Atrocity Exhibition 7“

I have no idea whether this e.p.’s title is supposed to be an allusion to Joy Division, the novel that Joy Division alluded to, or an allusion to all the other artists who used this title. Fuck that, at least I know that Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life took their name from the song Daily Life by the godfathers of raw punk, Disorder. So you know what you up for, six songs of primitive, crusty goodness including a cover of the Skitslickers‘ Warsystem.

This is the way, step inside!

The Discocks – Class Of ’94 7“

A while ago I had been threatening to further go down the slippery slope (though I had not been threatening to mercilessly split infinitives, yet here we go…) and post some more Oi!, so here it is: The Discocks‘ Class Of ’94 7“, released in ’95.

Enjoy them worshipping The Ejected (and mangling the spoken word part of Have You Got Ten p?)!

The Sadist – Onapet 7“

Before Maso Yamazaki started making noise music, he was the singer in The Sadist. They played simple, kinda atonal punk rock, and -judging from the band’s name, their song and album titles- had their feet planted firmly in the realm of the perverted, disgusting and unsettling. This is their first 7“, released in 1986 on MCR Company.

Onapetto: a fantasy object for masturbation. Hmm.

Last Bomb – S/T 12“

After two 7“es (Firing and Retro Firing) Last Bomb released their first and final 12“ in 1987 on Selfish Records. It’s raw, primitive, stomping hardcore punk, with some heavy rocking on the guitar. The final track Vomit is THE bomb, with the most brutal shredding bass intro since GISM sang about syphilis…

What distinction of motorcycles?

Paintbox – ゲンセキ 7″

If you ever wondered, what a song about the natural beauty of unrefined iron ore might sound like, look no further, for this is it! It’s hard rocking mid-tempo song full of melody and the late Chelsea’s beautiful guitar leads. While the two tracks b-side of this 7“ (among them Plastic Pump, their Poison Idea worship) made it on Paintbox‘ singles collection, Genseki on the a-side (also released on their final album Trip, Trance & Travelling) did not.

Unrefined iron ore!

v.a. 東京ニューウエイヴ ’79 LP

Tōkyō New Wave ’79, the other one of the two classic, early compilations documenting Tōkyō’s punk and new wave scene of the late 70s. Compared to Tōkyō Rockers, New Wave has the less well known bands with Sex, Jisatsu, Pain, 8 ½ and Bolshie. Of these, only 8 ½ released anything else during their original existence, though the members of all the bands went on to play in loads and loads of other groups.

Sex, Suicide, Pain, 8 ½ and Bolshie. There you go.

E.D.P.S. – Death Composition 8“

The first release by E.D.P.S.: vicious, funky post-punk by Friction’s Tsunematsu Masatoshi, Boy et al. This 8“ from 1982 has a mix of live and studio recordings.

Get it!

The Stalin – 虫 LP

虫 (Mushi, meaning „Bug“) was The Stalin’s third LP, released in 1983. 虫 was The Stalin’s most hardcore album, but in a way it also was their „simplest“, least musically diverse one. Don‘t get me wrong, this is still The Stalin we‘re talking about here, meaning 虫 is great from start to finish. Its hardcore songs are driving and powerful, and its dirges and mid-tempo numbers are fucking dark and ominous, topped by the almost 10 minute title track closing the album.

To the Bug!

Union – S/T 7“

This power trio from Tokyo played 77-inspired punk rock, you can hear The Undertones, Ramones and maybe even stuff like Ratsia in their songs. This here was their first 7“, released in 1986 on R.B.F. Records. I kind of wonder if their song From UK has lyrics like the german punk classic Frisch aus England (by Hanover’s Blitzkrieg), which lamented all the hip punks buying all their clothes, badges and dog collars in England, haha.

Na, wer von euch Arschlöchern hat denn den Badge aus Engeland?

Avfall – Dish It Out 7″

You don‘t have to be a genius to deduce from their swedish name that Avfall are d-beaty råpunk, there’s vacuum cleaner in the band, and the guys probably wear Knobelbecher, bullet belts and Skitslickers shirts! This 2012 7“ on Hardcore Survives is the stuff!


Resurrection – ST LP

In 1986 Resurrection released their debut/sole/final album. While their 7“ on ADK records sounds a bit more punk to me, this album is darker in its sound, somewhere between depressive, very down-tempo punk and blunt, punk-inspired gothic rock. You be the judge.

The flanger’s a bit more subtle this time!

愚鈍 – 卑下志望 7″

Higeshibou from 1986 was Gudon’s second release (after the noisy monster that is their 残忍聖者 7“ from the previous year). It’s another classic piece of japanese hardcore madness. Stoic violence on side a is a five minute (!) orgy of thrash with thumb-muted guitars, mid-tempo breakdowns and short metallic leads. On side b Leaden Love (鉛の愛) is another epic of (almost!) 5 minutes, a dark and monotonous monster of mid-tempo punk, while Burst Your Head is simple, fast and chaotic thrash. The sound is not yet as well produced as it would be on Howling Communication, but there are a lot less vacuum cleaners involved than on 残忍聖者.

Get it!

G.I.S.M. – Militaly Affairs Neurotic LP

With their second LP G.I.S.M. showed once more just how sick a bunch of motherfuckers they were. Militaly [sic!] Affairs Neurotic is a more metallic, and may sound a bit more -erm- „restrained“ when compared to Detestation or their early compilation tracks: the sound is less fuzzy but still pretty lo-fi, the songs are less frantic and Randy Uchida’s leads are also much clearer and more defined. Some of the melodies and guitar parts could have equally well turned into R.U.G.-songs, if they weren‘t immediately followed by atonal, hateful sickness. Degeneration, what a twisted and warped „ballad“! And Fatigue has to be the best interpretation of that chug-chug-a-chug heavy metal picking ever! If this sickness weren‘t enough, the two sound collages and the artwork (look at it! Just look!) definitely prove that G.I.S.M. were as insane as ever, and Sakevi’s growls sound even more cancerous than before.
This version here is a recent (and affordable) bootleg with an additional silk screen print on the outer PVC sleeve and a huge poster.


v.a. Best Run Fast Vol. 2 7“

And yet another one by MCR Company! One track each by Sicilian Blood, MESS, Idora and DONDON. To me, Sicilian Blood are the winners on this comp: driving, powerful and almost catchy; MESS are not yet as weird as they would become, and deliver some vicious riffs; Idora’s song is a metallic dirge which turns wild in the end, and DONDON are the blunt instrument on this comp.

Run, you fuckers!

ハイディナッシュ – 青い空 7“

A one track mind flexi 7“ from some time in the mid-eighties by Haidiinatshu. The song differs quite a bit from their tracks on the R.B.F. 1984 compilation, which were a lot more lively and cheeky, the song on this 7“ is calm, piano- and synth-laden new wave.

To the blue sky!

No Side – Depressing Day 7“

Named after The Comes‘ legendary and absolutely wonderful 12“, No Side play simple, no frills, US-influenced HC. The sound on this 7″ from 1997 is underproduced in a cool way, and the songs are driving and catchy (but nowhere as frantic, nutty and FUCK YOU as THAT 12“, but that‘d be hard to pull off anyway).

Plus, there a song about coffee and hating work! Yeah!

Headache – S/T 8“

Another one hit wonder, as this 8” from 1984 was Headache’s only release. The music is simple and primitive, mostly mid-tempo hardcore punk. There are some similarities to e.g. The Mobs or Danse Macabre, and some song titles hint at an affinity towards dark stuff: Devilism, Doom Dance, Pleasure Of Death. Internationally they remind me a bit of such antisocial nutters as FKK Strandwixer or Maho Neitsyt. No idea if their lyrics were as disgusting/humorous as theirs, but the last track Viva La Headache is kinda funnypunk (?), maybe a bit like Gai’s Blood Spit Night.

Aus der Hose läuft mir schon der Schimmel und mein Arsch der stinkt ja schon zum Himmel! Zefix noch amol!

So What – Murder 7“

This 7“ from 1990 was a shared release on Selfish and Dynamite Records. Since 1985’s Injustice 8“ So What have gotten harder and a lot tighter (I think they changed drummers), though it means they also lost that amateurish charme their first release had. On Murder they sound a bit like Gudon, though less wild and frantic.

I have spewed up on a pint of piss?

Forward – Fucked Up!! 12“

Fucked Up!! is the 2002’s 12“ release by Forward: 8 tracks of intense, powerful, Burning Spirits hardcore by these all-star monsters, immediately recognizable thanks to Ishiya’s unmistakable voice! Now less talk, more…

Not the Canadians!!

黒色エレジー – ST 12″

Kokushoku Elegy (Black Elegy) released this record in 1988 as their second self-titled 12“. Their guitarist and bassist had previously played in the great Niku-Dan. Though Niku-Dan had not played standard punkrock either, and ventured into weirder, sometimes darker, and more post punk stuff too, Kokushoku Elegy’s style is a lot more gothic and new wave now, kinda comparable in style to G-Schmitt.

This way to four tracks of beautiful anguish and melancholy!

Rose Rose – Mosh Of Ass LP

After a number of 7“es and compilation tracks Mosh Of Ass, originally released in 1987 on Dogma Records, was Rose Rose’s first full length offering (this here is the licensed pressing from 1988 on the british In Your Face Records). And what a monster of a debut this is: 40 minutes of very metallic, thrashy and grinding, mid-tempo moshing, blast beating insanity. Pure madness!

The Mosh Of Whose Ass? Mine?

Fuck Geez – パンク·ロックで埋めつくせ!! 7“

Released in 1986, the Fuck Geez‘ third 7“ was one the early releases by the prolific MCR Company (number 10 of now over 200, wow!), whose co-founder Yumikes is also a band member. Musically, this record has simple, melodic punkrock, so enjoy!

Yep, here they are!

Friction – 軋轢 LP

I couldn‘t tell you why I waited so long till I posted this, since Friction’s debut LP from 1980 is a true classic japanese post punk album. Some lot of their earlier punk stuff has been weeded out, and what’s left is cold, cold, cold. Some tracks off Tokyo Rockers and their first 7“ appear as re-recorded versions. The new version of Crazy Dream especially shows the increased post in the punk.

This is a S/T btw.

U.G. Man & Chärm – Some Secret Split 12“

I‘ll save myself the trouble to try and describe this album. I had posted Charm before, and the U.G. Man Side has to be heard to be believed.

To quote Dr. Zoidberg: „Such noises!“

v.a. Fear

I have to admit I got his compilation mostly to get the rest of Danse Macabre’s vinyl output. All told this comp is pretty heavy shit. On side A, the Rapes (why the hell pick THAT as the name for your band?) are vicious crossover thrash, the songs by Griffin are more diverse, fast thrashing, mid-tempo rocking, and slower, heavy shit. On side B, Danse Macabre offer their own, unique take at heavy, menacing, downtempo darkness, (including a cover version of … Born To Be Wild?), while K.G.G.M. are the most punkrock group on this comp, doing a cover The Ramones‘ I Don‘t Care in japanese as Ōkina Osewa (they did more Ramones covers on their other records).
There’s also a CD-version of this comp which has more tracks by Rapes, K.G.G.M and Danse Macabre (is Think About Death the same version as on their 7“?).

There’s still too many of us…

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