Lizard – III 12“

The A side of this 12“ released in 1982 contains the 3 tracks off Lizard’s Save Momoyo 7“: Robot Love and Requiem are re-recorded studio versions of the tracks off Tokyo Rockers, Asia was released as a different version on their first album. On side B, I think the tracks may have been mislabelled, but I‘m not quite sure: Modern Noise is an otherwise unreleased song, while Theme is a re-recorded version of Modern Beat (off the first LP) with the slowed down ending of Kingdom (also off the first LP) attached. Modern Noise? Modern Beat? Theme? Two tracks or three? Dunno.

Anyways, this is quality stuff!

Geshpenst – Just Keep This Fighting 7“

Geshpenst were another of the countless bands which did one release and a number of compilation tracks. The four songs on this 7“ from 1995 are pretty varied. There’s mid-tempo moshing, crossover-thrash guitar riffs, some metal axe solos, some burning spirits, dual harmonic guitar leads, some high speed thrashing, you name it. Produced by Death Side’s Chelsea.

Now THIS is a band name!

Framtid – 8 Track EP

Framtid’s first 7“ from 1999, a classic piece of japanese crust, released on guitarist Jacky’s own Crust War label. This record is a fucking runaway bulldozer, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride!


Sadie Sads – Angora 7“

Released in 1984 on Wechselbalg Syndicate, Angora was Sadie Sads‘ first and only 7“ single (though they had loads of compilation tracks and two 12″ releases). Both tracks, Angora on side A and Id on side B, are vicious post punk, Id being the more avantgarde and experimental of the two with its complete breakdowns of music into echoing soundcapes, screams and rudimentary percussion.

This is evil shit, like Angora. This is fluffy bunnies getting slaughtered.

Samurai – I‘m A Person Not A Number 8“

I don‘t really know shit about Samurai, so if there’s anyone to fill in the blanks, I‘m willing to learn more. Here goes what little I can say: during their original existence in the early/mid-eighties it seems this power trio released a 7“ and two 8“es, this one being the second 8“ from 1985. The music is mid-tempo punk rock with a lot of rock‘n'roll thrown in, a bit like what The Rockers or Anarchy did a couple of years earlier. Samurai come across a bit stiffer and less fun, though. At least were as creative in finding a band name as The Rockers and Anarchy, haha. A reunion produced one more CD and a couple of compilation albums, it seems.

Is that enough? Hmm.

Chaotix – Broaden Your Horizons 7“

This 7“ from 2003 was Chaotix‘ first vinyl release. They played catchy US-influenced HC, maybe a bit like the Biscuits, only rougher and with more thrashing. I don‘t know if they were sXe, but the positivity and anti-smoking songs might be a hint there, or maybe not.

Fuck‘in Poisute Smoker!

Auto-Mod – Last Punk Hero/Dancin‘ Rhythm 7“

Last Punk Hero, what a great name for a great 7“, I hope it pissed off lots of humorless punk purists! Released in 1982, these two tracks are great disco‘esque post-punk with funky guitar and basslines, a drum machine, chirping synths and of course Genet’s unique voice. Yeah!

Dancin‘! Dancin‘! Dancin‘, dancin‘ rhythm!

Forward – What Are You Gonna Get 7“

Released in 1998, What Are You Gonna Get was Forward’s 4th 7“, full of great, rocking burning spirits style hardcore. The title track on side A is a fast paced smasher, but the B-side Go To Dive is definitely the winner on this single. Mid-tempo, driving as fuck, and Ishiya strains his voice so hard he sounds like he’s choking himself.

What are you gonna get? Great shit like this!

Daston + Gouka – Continuously Attack Of Endless Shock Split 7“

This split 7“ from 1996 was the first vinyl release for Daston and Gouka, both bands had released demos and a split tape before, though. Gouka are not yet as tight and definedly d-beat compared to their later releases, their songs are faster and thrashier on this record. Daston are more on the crusty side, with a singer who sounds a bit like D.O.N.D.O.N.’s Yoshikawa.

Endless shock!

FVK – Return To Roots 8“

Though both e.p.s were released in 1988, Return To Roots is stylistically a bit different from the Target e.p. First of all the recording quality is better, but most of all the song writing has evolved and is now closer to actual Bad Brains worship. The tempos are less frantic, plus there are more melodies and guitar leads. Also there are the Bad Brains allusions in the song titles and then there’s -obviously- the cover of Rock For Light.

Do they care what you may say? Have they got that attitude?

Nosferatu – Mass 7“

What is this? Is it music? A joke? It’s definitely punk, releasing an absurdity like this and hoping people would want it or pay for it, haha! Even the fold-out cover is cut all crooked and shit. The second track must be the best thing I ever heard on any punk rock record!

Maybe with the exception of Forming!

Laukaus – Ollaan Punk Nuorisoo… 12“

Ollaan punk nourisoo, released in 2004, was Laukaus‘ only 12“ EP. Just like Mikä On Tuolla, this 12“ is a very convincing hommage to classic finnish Kasikaks. There’s two cover songs on this record: Mieletöntä Väkivaltaa by Riistetyt and a finnish version of The Stalin’s 解剖室 off *trash.

We‘re the punk youth!

Gloom – Mentally Achronistic 2000 7“

Mentally Achronistic 2000, released in collaboration on MCR Company and on Crust War, the label of Gloom’s guitarist Jacky, is a great piece of classic japanese crasher crust. Do I have to say more than that? If so, expect distortion to deafness, vacuum cleaners, d-beat drumming with fills all over the place, and some guys pissed off with society and the state.

And war.

Zelda – S/T 7“

This live flexi 7“ from 1980 was one of two releases before Zelda’s major label debut album. On this 7“ Zelda are not yet the adventurous, eclectic and more polished pop band they would become later on. These three songs are fun, raunchy (and somewhat shambolic) punk/new wave, and could have musically ended up on their first album, too. The sound quality is okay, but it’s still kinda sad there are no studio recordings of these songs.

(For fans and lovers of outsider music: the wild trumpet solo on Mackintosh Popout is almost as good as the one on Bob Vido’s Boo Bah Bah. Almost!)

Boo bah bah, ba bobby bah boo boo bah!

Friction – I Can Tell + Pistol 7″

This two song 7“ was released on Pass Records in 1980. I Can Tell is a great post-punk song off Friction’s debut album; I really love the song’s cold, restrained, understated vibe. Pistol was an older demo recording of primitive and raunchy punk. Damn, that drum kit sounds like its heads have been beaten to shit more than once! Hell yeah!
Btw. Friction’s 1978 demo (with a different version of Pistol) is available on youtube for those interested.

Can you tell?

v.a. Oi Of Japan LP

I‘m still not really sure if posting this LP on my blog is really fitting, since most Oi! (with the necessary exceptions…) is not really my cup of tea, and I don‘t know shit (with even fewer exceptions) about Oi! Of Japan. But then, AA Records was a classic and hugely relevant label in japanese punk and HC, so why not? Also at some time or other, thanks to band incest magic, some of the bands on this comp shared members with the likes of The Star Club, The Stalin, Bradbury/G-Zet and many more, so this record is not too off the mark for my blog.
The version I‘ve got is not the original pressing on AA Records, but a european bootleg (from some time in the 90s maybe?).

Can I now go down the slippery and post some Discocks?

The Willard – 3 Years 7“

According to discogs this flexi 7“ was a giveaway at the release show for Good Evening Wonderful Friend in 1985. It came in blue and red versions, my 7“ is a red one. Two tracks (3 Years and D-Day Or Lost Day) are re-recorded versions of songs on their first 7“ from 1982, La Caduta Degli Dei. The new recordings are a bit faster (of course) and the sound is a bit cleaner compared to the old 7“. The last track, Winter Song, is an instrumental which starts out slow and contemplative (or so), gets louder and faster before its noisy finale.

D-Day. Definitely.

Joy – Perverts 12“

Joy were an avantgarde/post-punk band centered around vocalist Baki of Gastunk and including one of the guys of Madame Edwarda. Musically you can certainly hear influences by the usual suspects british classics like Gang Of Four and Killing Joke in the repetitive and/or dubby bass lines and in the jangly, atonal guitar, but there’s definitely a lot more avantgarde weirdness in their songs. Also, what’s not to love about a band called Joy with album called Perverts? The lousy job I did scanning the cover, maybe?

Except for a couple compilation tracks this 12“ was Joy’s only release.

Enjoy! Haha. Great pun. Not. Haha.

Confuse – Nuclear Addicts 7“

Song-wise it’s not really necessary posting this boot of Confuse’s legendary first 7“. All of its songs were already on this bootleg LP, so it’s mostly for the artwork. Also, these versions are a bit lower pitched and slower compared to the LP (and to the ones on 2012’s Hate War No War Fuckin‘ War bootleg), I‘m not really sure which ones are right.

That’s the bootlegging business for you…

Tokyo Rose – Fuwaku No Prosess 7“

Another power trio! Tokyo Rose played very tight, rock‘n'rolly punk rock: the songs are mid-tempo with a lot of drive, great melodies and cool guitar wanking. Too bad this 7“ from 1988 was their one and only release.

Where are Lord Haw-Haw and Axis Sally?

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