LSD – Jast Last 7″

The Jast Last 7″ is the 2nd and final official release by LSD from Ōsaka. Although the 7″ contains a re-recorded version of 憎悪戦争 ~ LSD from their first 7″, the other songs are far less minimalistic than on their previous release. Especially Karen Nash ~カレンに捧ぐ~ is an almost progrock-like epos with complex structures, mixing wild screaming and thrashing with calm parts accompanied by quiet melodies. It’s a fucking great release, sadly this is also only a bootleg. One of the two original cover designs showed the dead body of Yukiko Okada, a japanese teen idol who commited suicide at the age of 18 by throwing herself from the Sun Music building in Tōkyō.

Why don‘t we just put soldiers on the cover?

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