v.a Outsider LP

The Outsider compilation LP on City Rocker Records was one of the earliest japanese hardcore releases. It’s all live recordings, so it’s a pretty raw affair. Side A has an all-star line-up of GISM, Gauze, Lip Cream (nope, it’s Laughin‘ Nose. Thanks for pointing that out, Fernando!) and The Comes, while Side B features the more obscure post-punk/wave bands Mastervation, Fullx, Route 66 and Madame Edwarda. The LP comes with artwork in the style of Crass Records and a huge fold-out poster designed by GISM’s Sakevi.

Hog Punks! Well?

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  1. 1 Fernando 20. November 2016 um 14:16 Uhr

    Excellent post! In side A there’s no Lip Cream though :D it’s Laughin‘ Nose, the funpunk band (apparently in a more ’serious‘ phase here, with a couple of hardcore antiwar songs).
    I had seen you had this a while ago but I had already the album. But finally I decided it was time for a better rip, so… Danke schön!!!

    Special thanks for the work with the scans. About the „inside3″ with the ‚Fuck me‘ and ‚Kill the Mods‘ messages, it should be noted that it’s not about generic mods as in the Exploited song, but about the Japanese ‚punk‘ band THE MODS. The faces that Sakevi stuck to the female nude bodies are the Mods members‘ faces. „Hateful shameless rascal!!“ I wonder why Sakevi would hate them so much? If somebody wants to check it and compare the faces in the poster with them Mods, look for them in the tube, for instance there’s this video called THE MODS☆TWO PUNKS Fighting’80 where you can watch them clashin‘ it up :D

    Saludos :)

  2. 2 抗独 20. November 2016 um 16:59 Uhr

    Hi Fernando,
    damn, how did that happen? Maybe I should check what I‘ve written before I post! Definitely thanks for that correction, and for the info on the poster. Maybe The Mods were to sappy for Sakevi’s taste? :D

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