Zouo – The Final Agony 7″

I‘m a peaceful guy, definitely. But if anybody were to claim that „The Final Agony“ by Zouo (which means „Hatred“, by the way) is not THE very best japanese hardcore 7″, I might get into some real beef over this shit. Everything about this 7″ is completely over the top, insane greatness: its low-fi, heavy, raw production, the crude cover artwork, the „Crass meets Discharge“ style poster, and of course the great, vicious „what if Venom were from Japan and actually cool?“ style tunes! Hell, even the two sides are called „Demon Side“ and „Evil Side“!
Since I‘m not rich, this here is the re-release on Crust War, not the original on AA Records.

And the band members? Cherry, Milky, Mapy and Happy!

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