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The Stalin – 嘲笑う樺太 LP

Here is another one by Japan’s very best: 嘲笑う樺太 (usually translated as „Sakhalin Smile“) is a bootleg compilation of The Stalin’s e.p.s and 7″es; it also includes their track from the PEACE/WAR album. Since the original releases took place between 1980 and 1984, the songs range from their early, weird „avantgarde-punk“ to their later hardcore stuff. The booklet contains the (japanese) lyrics, scans of the covers and an MRR interview with The Stalin’s singer Michiro Endo (whom they keep calling „Machiro“…).

Anyways, this shit it as good as it gets, so get it while it’s hot!

v.a. Jisatsu Omnibus 8″

I have no idea whether this awesome compilation has an „official“ name, since none can be found on the cover, labels etc. Usually it’s called the Jisatsu Omnibus (自殺オムニバス), after the label that released it. Confuse and The Sexual are the „bigger“ names on the compilation: Confuse deliver their trademark hissing, fuzzy and overdriven distortion insanity, while The Sexual sound pretty similar to their ep „The Last Days“: cool, simple and somewhat melodic hardcore. The B-Side starts out with 自我 (Jiga, sometimes spelled Ziga), the second band of Gas‘ original singer. They play hardcore in the same vein as The Sexual, just a little bit more primitive sounding. Last are M-78, a project by band members of Ghoul, Gastunk, Systematic Death and Gas, who are a lot more metallic than the rest and never released anything else.

Why was the 8″ format popular in Japan, and seemingly nowhere else?

Kikeiji – S/T 7″

Kikeiji’s self-titled first 7″ from 1983. Sound- and songwise it’s relatively similar to Plastic Scandal, but with only three songs, one of which is a live recording. This here is also the recent re-release on the original ADK-label.

To the great shit! Get it, motherfucker!

v.a. You Can Set The Dove Free…

„You Can Set The Dove Free…“ is another one of those bootleg compilations that helps people save a shitload of money for the price of lower pretentious arseholeness. The Sexual’s 7″ flexi „The Last Days“ features really cool, somewhat underproduced, punky hardcore sung in the greatest and thickest japanese accent you could hope for. Great shit, and in my opinion the winner of this compilation. So What’s „Injustice“ 8″ flexi is even more lo-fi, with raw, primitive punk accompanied by a wobbly drummer. It has also recently been bootlegged as a vinyl 7″. Juuden Souchi’s singer on their „Deadline“ 7″ sounds like a rasping submachine gun: spitting out syllables faster than anybody should be able to! Last in line are Crow with their first 7″ „Who Killed Dove“. Like their tracks on „Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla“ they are not nearly as heavy and tight as they would become later on, but a lot more punk and primitive.

…But What About The Hawk?“

SxOxB – Don‘t Be Swindle/Leave Me Alone 12″

With this 12″ I guess I‘ve posted the last of the bootleg records released on 大阪 Records. It combines SxOxB’s 1986 „Leave Me Alone“ 7″ and their 12″ ep „Don‘t Be Swindle“ from 1987. Both are blast-beating powerhouses, but still very controlled and not yet really grindcore. Sabotage Organized Barbarian must be one of the coolest names you can call your band, especially when you‘ve got equally cool lyrics:

Hot summer comes again, let’s go beach!

Niku-Dan – S/T 7″

I have no idea, whether Tim Yo would have been more merciful reviewing the first 7″ of Niku-Dan (which actually means Human Bullet, not Meat Hunter) compared to his review of their Split 8″ with Gas. The music on this flexi in my opinion is just as good, but a bit more accessible. The song structures that seemed to have bothered Tim Yo so badly are not yet as complex and the songs a still a bit more punk. Anyways, this is a great punk/post-punk 7″, so get it!

v.a. Game Of Death LP

This 4-band compilation LP is 50% japanese hardcore, 50% thrash metal. On the A-Side, Poison Arts and Death Side deliver the HC, while Final Bombs and the last incarnation of Ghoul are responsible for the metallic B-Side. Death Side’s „Beast In Hell“ ist one of my favourite tracks of theirs. The backcover shows some great eighties hair in Ghoul and the Poison Arts, and has the singer of Death Side dressed completely in tattered rags!

It also proves that the Final Bombs‘ drummer had bad taste in t-shirts!

Outo – 正直者は馬鹿を見る LP

正直者は馬鹿を見る is Outo’s only 12″, released in 1987 as a 45rpm ep. Its 10 tracks are insane USHC-influenced high speed thrashers with some cool rudimentary melodies. This version here is a bootleg on 大阪 Records, which also contains their tracks from the Thrash Till Death Compilation LP and Outo’s No Way Out 7″. Btw. Outo means vomit. Great name, great music!

Honesty doesn‘t pay…

Gastunk – Dead Song 7″

In 1985 the great looking hardockers of Gastunk released their first LP „Dead Song“. In 1988 they re-recorded the LP’s title track for a flexi disk which came as a freebie with a music magazine. Dead Song is another hardrockin‘ epic of over 5 minutes complete with acoustic intro.

Somehow they managed to make it work!