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Varaus SS 2003-2007 10″

If you couldn‘t deduce it from their name, here’s a heads up: Varaus SS sound a lot like finnish Kasikaks. This posthumous 10″ is a compilation of very raw tracks from several demos, and you‘ll get lots of distortion, delay-(or is it reverb?)-laden vocals, mangled pseudo-finnish song titles, plus (strangely) one cover of the Shitlickers‘ „Warsystem“.

Why not „Kuollut ja kuopattu“? Or „Tuomittu elämään“?

Masturbation – 死顔 7″

Masturbation were one of the those bands whose style of punk could not be described in just one word. Like Nikudan and Kikeiji (or maybe The Mobs) they played something between dark, disturbing and slow punk, death rock and sometimes (proto-)hardcore. That’s why you‘ll get one long, brooding dirge of almost 4 minutes and one short hardcore-like smasher on their 1984 flexi 7″ Shinigao („Face Of Death“, maybe?).


v.a. Tunes For Fucker Vol. 3

The last of the three money savers! It starts off with Sha-London’s 8″ flexi „Short Cut To The Hell“ and 11 songs of lo-fi thrash. Next are A-Bomb, who looked and sounded like teenaged glue sniffers and must‘ve thought treble was the only channel of the EQ-band they needed for their 7″ „Hell’s Story“. Side B has The 4th International, who play very minimalist and punky songs (without overly much fuzz or distortion for a change) and had the longest title for their record („日常性ノ破壊ハ我々ノ幻想 – Destruction Of The Illusion Of Our Everyday“). Last are the rockin‘ Bones with „In A Sick Society!“, who are definitely the most punk guys on this LP (just like Kruw they didn‘t really need to tune their instruments)!

For the last time: get it, fucker!

Gas – Reincarnation LP

„Reincarnation“ from 1986 was Gas‘ last official release. It’s got three tracks from their Split 8″ with 肉弾, all four tracks off their „Sweet Emotion“ 12″ ep from 1986 plus four more tracks from an aborted recording session for their LP (some of which are re-recordings).
Gas obviously could not catch a break with MRR, as Tim Yo had the following to say about „Sweet Emotion“:

„Rock punk with crooning female vocals, metalish rock guitar, and overall late-PENETRATION sound. Singer bugs me a lot with her ’sweet‘ singing.“

I like it, though!

v.a. Hikashibou – A Japanese Compilation LP

If you‘re going to release a bootleg compilation LP of 7″es, why name it after one further ep (Gudon’s 卑下志望 7″) that you‘re not going to include? Anyway, this comp has Ghoul’s first and second 7″ in all their awesomeness. Just as high on the awesomeness scale is the Gastunk’s self titled 7″ from 1985. Although it’s not yet as hard-rockin‘ as Mr Gazime, it’s got melodic and metallic thrashers that surely made all these NWOBHM dudes swear off hairspray forever out of sheer envy. Last is Systematic Death’s „Flash Back“ 7″ from 1986 which definitely breaks the records in velocity, thrashing wildness and underproduction on this record.


Zouo – A Roar Agitating Violent Age LP

Zouo released only 6 tracks during their time. Luckily someone discovered an old live tape of theirs from 1984 which had a decent sound quality, so Crust War could release this monstrosity in 2011 for uplifting gormandizers like us.
By the way, could there have been a better place to find an old Zouo recording than an occult shop?

Didn‘t think so!

SIC – The Jungle Hop Years 7″

SIC were one of the typical late eighties thrash bands influenced by US youth crew hardcore. They never released a full-length LP of their own, but a shit load of tapes, e.p.’s, split-releases and most of all compilation tracks. This 7″ is a (pretty cheaply made) bootleg of their split LP „Throbbing Of The Needy“ with Roserose, and it’s chock-full of lo-fi stomping, thrashing and blastbeating goodness.

Must‘ve had a good time during the jungle hop years…

Nubile – S/T 7″

I have to admit that I don‘t know very much about nubile, but one thing I know: I want more! Nubile released their self-titled flexi single in 1983 on ADK Records. In Sight on Side A is a slow, ominous and darkly melodic post-punk song, while Strawberry Hill on Side B is an aggressive, mid-tempo number with pounding drums and cool guitar hooks. One thing has me wondering, though: if they were good looking enough to call themselves Nubile, why didn‘t these guys include a band photo?

Exaggeration or downright lie?

Laukaus – Mikä On Tuolla 7″

Taking their cues from classic Suomi Kasikaks, Laukaus sat down, studied finnish (or at least learned the typical buzzwords like hatred, power, freedom, death and destruction) and in 2002 released this 7″ in the vein of Mellakka, Pohjasakka or Poikkeustila. So, you‘ll get lots of shredding guitars and drawn out „aaaaahs“ just like it’s 1982 in Tampere! Don‘t you wish you‘d been there?

Too bad there’s no songs about Sorbus on this record!

Death Side – All Is Here Now 7′‘

I guess there is no point in debating about the best Death Side release, but their 1994 „All Is Here Now“ 7″ is definitely a top contender. Unbelievable power, aggression and anger, great songs, an almost scarily tight performance, „All Is Here Now“ definitely has it all! Plus, how can you top a 7″ cover where a smiling guy rips out his own entrails?

You can‘t!

Disarray – S/T 7″

Let’s look at Disarray’s 1984 S/T flexi 7″ objectively: the cover’s black & white, the band photo on the inside looks like it was taken from the Varukers‘ „Led To The Slaughter EP“, the band name starts with „Dis-“, plus it’s japanese hardcore.
Luckily, this is ADK Records, so we get quality and don‘t have to put up with tedious Discharge clones. Disarray deliver driving hardcore in ADK’s typical lo-fi sound, have cool guitar licks and know how to rock when they have to!

Bombed-out people die!

Nightmare – Give Notice Of Nightmare…

This 2012 bootleg 12″ combines the first two official releases by Nightmare: their 1988 self-titled 7″ and the 1990 12″ „Give Notice Of Nightmare“. Both are full of wild, somewhat melodic high speed thrashers. There’s absolutely no pause on this record, and there’s such insane, manic energy from first second to the last that all other words would be nothing but a waste of time, so…

…get it, motherfucker!

Charm – Hito 7″

Seven songs in seven minutes: on their first 7″ from 2000 Charm deliver the wildest, noisiest thrash one could hope for. The recording is great and raw, the drumming is wild and wobbly, and the singer must have been hoarse after recording the first half of the first song.

THIS is what music must sound like!

Ghöul – Jerusalm 7″

The second release from the greatest band on earth, Ghoul’s (Ghöul’s?) 1985 Jerusalm 7″ is already quite a bit darker, heavier and more rocking than the equally great Carry Out Fucking 7″: the four tracks are brutal and primitive, with singer Masami’s trademark barking, raspy vocals. The songs „Jerusalm“ and „Intro“ (on Side B, by the way) were later re-recorded for the „A Farewell to Arms“ compilation, and the piano intro/outro on the title track was played by Gas‘ singer Narumi.

Too bad Bear Bomb’s no longer on bass…

v.a. Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2

If you‘re into lame descriptions like „what a powerhouse of a compilation“, then this review is for you: released in 2002 by the USHC label, this omnibus takes no prisoners. Soul Craft start out with very rocking guitar riffs and a singer who sounds like he’s permanently complaining. Next are Gouka with extremely tight, driving and powerful d-beat. Last on Side A are Civil Rights, who like their background „Ooohs“ and drum shuffles.
Side B starts with Flame, who are fast and dirty as fuck. Exhale play melodic Burning Spirits-like HC with an extremely pissed singer. Last is the Society for Cutting Up Men (just kidding) with lots of raw distortion and fuzz!

What a powerhouse of a compilation!