GISM – SoniCRIME TheRapy 2xLP

Listening to the 73 minutes of GISM’s final album is quite an experience. Recorded shortly before guitarist Randy Uchida’s death of cancer in 2001, it SoniCRIME TheRapy is the most vicious, evil-sounding „music“ GISM ever recorded. It starts out with the jazzed-out, quiet and disturbing 7 minute „Dual Improvisations For Hypochondriac“ before it gets to the real deal. The next 10 songs, named only after their composers‘ initials, are an extremely raw and metallic assault, full of abrupt changes of rhythm and tempo, with loads of brutal, atonal riffs. The few moments where Randy Uchida gets to play his trademark „Iron Maiden on PCP“-style melodies come across as almost more disturbing than the harsh violence around them. The last three tracks are 8 minutes of industrial sound collage, 45 seconds of gunshots plus 12 minutes of static. This is as alienating and dehumanizing as it gets.

On With The Revelation Through Violence!

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