Niku-Dan – Proletarian Sports 8″

1984’s プロレタリア・スポーツ by 肉弾 is probably their most accessible release. It’s still the same cool mixture of weird punk and post-punk, but the songs are almost danceable and more melodic than the ones on their self-titled 7″ and the split 8″ with Gas. Side A has 4 punk numbers with great song titles like „Cinderella Scatology“ and (roughly) „Stocking Collection Incident“, while side B has two more complex post-punk songs. And what about the great combination of the record’s title and the cover artwork?

Get it!

2 Antworten auf „Niku-Dan – Proletarian Sports 8″“

  1. 1 Fernando 19. Januar 2016 um 15:48 Uhr

    Thanks a lot for this post! Wunderschön!


    Fernando :)

  2. 2 抗独 26. Januar 2016 um 21:00 Uhr

    You‘re welcome! :)

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