Typhus 1980.10.28 Tape

Typhus were some kind of a nucleus of the developing japanese hardcore scene in 1980. They existed for something like a year and only had this tape (my version here is a bootleg from the early 2000s and has a different cover than the original) and one mega-rare, insanely expensive flexi 7″ as their releases, but were hugely influential. Among their changing members were Shin of Gauze, Tam of G-Zet, The Stalin and ADK-Records, plus people of Aburadako, Isolation, Nubile etc.
What I really love about this tape is how fucking amateuristic it is! The guitar is fucking raw and often drowns the bass, the drummer just can‘t keep up and fumbles his way through these semi-songs, the two singers are chaotic and great, and the last song is a somewhat recognisable Slits cover in japanese!

Punk just can‘t get any better than this!

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