Kikeiji – Pressure 7″

Pressure was Kikeiji’s third 7″, released in 1984 on Tam’s ADK Records. Just like their other releases from the eighties, this 7″ is a mix of dissonant post-punk and (mostly) slow, but aggressive and dark punkrock.

What’s not to love about them?

2 Antworten auf „Kikeiji – Pressure 7″“

  1. 1 Yoku 02. April 2016 um 21:00 Uhr

    Worshippin your blog since now!!!! Great Work! Is there any chance you have the TAM-VOL 1. from ADK Records? ( ADK-03E or so)

    Cheerz Yoku

  2. 2 抗独 05. April 2016 um 21:39 Uhr

    Hey Yoku,
    sadly I don‘t own it. I was close to buying it a couple of times, though. Maybe only a matter of time?

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