Transformer – Manoeuvre 12″

Transformer was founded by band members of Kikeiji and Masturbation (among others), and this 12″ from 1986 was their only release. The influence of Masturbation can be clearly heard, so Transformer’s songs are dark, ominous, very slow and plodding, too. What’s clearly different is the almost heavy metal influence on the guitar work. The distortion is really heavy, the guitar screeches, chokes and howls, and there’s thumb-muted arpeggios (is that what you call it?). It somehow reminds me of what Kuolleet Kukat did in the nineties, but that’s not a very accurate comparison. Best check it out yourselves!


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  1. 1 Fernando 04. April 2016 um 23:00 Uhr

    …and the third one. Wow-wow, what’s this? The guitarist and the bassist of one of my top 10, maybe top 5, Japanese punk/HC bands, I mean Kikeiji, are playing in this record according to discogs and the ja.wikipedia so definitely I gotta listen to this. The guitarist (Hiroshi) is metallized here? I hope not so much. His work on the Kikeiji tracks is very impressive and one thing peculiar of his playing is precisely doing great and complex solos that don‘t sound like metal at all, but purely punk.
    Oh, btw, discogs and rym say this album was released in 1986 but Japanese sources I‘ve checked say the record appeared in 1987.
    Thanks for the nice pack from Saturday! Saludos,

    Fernando :)

  2. 2 抗独 05. April 2016 um 21:38 Uhr

    And Fernando, what’s your verdict? Too heavy/metallic? I definitely prefer Kikeiji’s and Masturbation’s stuff to Transformer, but I like this one too. There are some moments that sound a bit like e.g. „Home“ on PiL’s „album“. Thanks for the info on the date.I couldn‘t find anything on the record itself to clarify this. Who knows?

  3. 3 Fernando 13. April 2016 um 17:44 Uhr

    Hi 抗独, my verdict had to wait until I had listened to the record for a while, so it took a couple of days. I had to check PIL’s „Home“ too, since you mentioned. Not a bad comparison. I read it’s famous metal virtuoso Steve Vai who played in that Lydon’s record (as well as famous er… punk drummer Ginger Baker, haha). Luckily, Vai is not playing his usual ultrafast solos in PIL’s 1986 LP. But I guess his styles of riffing are metallic (as are Dr. Know’s in Bad Brains‘ „I Against I“). So yes, here in Transformer Hiroshi would be doing lots of „metallic“ rhythm guitar in that style. Not the solos, though (maybe in one song). A bit metallic (like it happens a bit in Kikeiji’s 3rd and 4th EP too), but nothing that you could hear in an Iron Maiden or Dio LP, or, for that matter (and date: 1986), thrashers like Metallica or Slayer. And well, apart from that, I enjoy pretty much the record, this could be easily Kikeiji’s 5th EP if they had kept the singer…

    Thanks again! Saludos :)

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