Paintbox – Relicts [singles collection] LP

This 2009 posthumous release of Paintbox’s 7″es came in three versions, as a CD, as a double LP and as an LP. As this here is only the single LP version, it has less tracks than the other two. Still, it’s got Paintbox’s S/T 7″, their The Door/Provided Railroad 7″, the Back Reporter 7″, the Cry Of The Sheeps 7″ (drool, drool!), an awesome cover of Ghoul’s Judas/Intro off the tribute to Masami, plus their Poison Idea tribute.

I‘m not gonna mention again just how awesome they are!

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  1. 1 Fernando 20. Mai 2016 um 23:30 Uhr

    I‘m not very much into the 90’s and post 90’s stuff but sometimes I make exceptions under recommendation. And under your strong recommendation I‘ll lend and ear to this Paintbox lot! Danke!

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