v.a. One Shot One Kill LP

Of the bands on this compilation, the glue sniffers of Warhead are definitely the winners. Even their mid-tempo songs are absolutely over the top, manic hardcore insanity with a totally crazy singer. Extinct Government are another all-star group with members of Tetsu Arei, The Comes, Lipcream, Idora and Crück. They are more on the punky side of hardcore and even play a cover of No Desire by Switzerland’s Jack & The Rippers, which was originally released in 1979! On Side B Zone speed things up again with some fast and tight hardcore, which sadly doesn‘t reach the level of Warhead’s insanity. D.S.B. are a lot dirtier again, but I prefer their 7″es to these compilation tracks.

And since I am totally incompetent, I could not keep my scanner from screwing up the color of the front cover.

3 Antworten auf „v.a. One Shot One Kill LP“

  1. 1 E. 08. Juli 2016 um 17:44 Uhr

    Thank you!
    I was wondering if you take requests…. I‘ve been looking for this one VA: https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Brain-Solution/release/2044585

  2. 2 Anonymous 10. Juli 2016 um 17:12 Uhr

    Have you got demo or cd of GOUM???

  3. 3 抗独 10. Juli 2016 um 17:44 Uhr

    Nope, sorry!

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