Zettai Reido – S/T 7″

Sadly I do not know shit about Zettai Reido, except that the name means „Absolute Zero“ and that breaking a mercury thermometer is dangerous! Their self-titled 7“ came out in the early eighties and was possibly the only (?) release during their existence. Some time in the early 2010s an anthology 2xCD of their studio tracks and live material came out, so they obviously recorded more material.
The three tracks on this 7″ are untitled, which of course only adds to the mystery. Track one is a dark, six minute, No Wave/Post Punk dirge, track two is weirdly upbeat with an offbeat guitar (ha!), and track three goes completely off the rails with its atonal „melody“ and its rhythm changes.


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  1. 1 Fernando 11. August 2016 um 15:51 Uhr

    Interesting! Never heard about this band either but with a small research it seems that I found out a bit more than you :P The discogs entry for the record has the inlay and it says it was recorded in July, 1980. Furthermore, it’s Junk Connection JC-802. But the previous one JC-801 (Zelda’s first EP, which I don‘t have btw) appeared in October 1980 (even though discogs don‘t have this date). JC 803 was recorded, according to discogs again, in Jan-81. So the Zettai Reido wolud have appeared sometime in between, 1980 in any case (possibly October as Zelda’s one).

    And now that I know all this, I still have to listen to it… :D

    Danke schön, saludos!!

    Fernando :)

    PS „they obviously recorded more material“ — So it seems. In discogs there’s a 2CD comp entry but the title (with a ‚III‘) implies it’s a part of a collection and the explanation mentions a couple of recordings (cassettes? EP’s? albums?) called „Songs“ and „A Reward Of Vanity“… The mystery remains ;)

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