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The Willard – Indies 12″ + Klan – S/T 7″

The Indies 12″ from 1986 (named liked this because it was released on Independent Records?) is a compilation of three earlier 7″es of The Willard: Outlaw from 1984, Vanguard and Congratulation from 1985. Two songs off these 7″es were released in different versions on the compilation The Punx – Street Movement.

Indies also comes with a solo 7″ by The Willard’s bassist Klan. In my opinion, the single’s A-Side is the total winner of this package: a totally awesome new wave rock song with sax and a slap bass solo!

Sing A Gloria (not on this comp)!

v.a. Meaningful Consolidation 2×7″

If you‘re a fan of distortion to deafness and songs about black holes to avoid, this double 7″ compilation from 1994 is for you. It features d-beat and crasher crust from Iconoclast, Disclose (kings of the vacuum cleaner sound), Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life (the odd ones out on this comp with a cover of Blitz’s 45 Revolutions), Anti Authorize, Defiance, Abraham Cross and S.D.S.

Bark, grunt, fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Smash Detox – S/T 7″

Smash Detox are one of these all-star bands where every single member seemingly played in at least another half dozen classic bands (from Bastard to World Burns To Death). So far this single from 2011 on Prank and HG Fact is their only release, featuring two rocking/metallic songs, the A-Side more mid-tempo, the B-Side faster and stomping.

The Zolge – Feel No Fear 3 Tracks E • P

The Zolge’s Feel No Fear 7″ from 1986 is stylistically pretty similar to Crisis My Guest: cold, dark, stomping punk/hardcore with some deathrock influence thrown in, with the guitar leads on track three being pretty similar to The Star Club’s song Ataraxia. The single’s cover artwork is pretty horrible, but in an awesome way.

Or maybe not!

Systematic Death – Flash Back 7″

Do I really have to come up with a blurb praising this classic piece of manic, low-fi thrash? Released in 1986, this 7″ originally came in a big, printed bag. My copy came without the bag, so it’s either a later release or the bag got lost (NOOO!). I had already posted Flash Back on this bootleg compilation. The sound quality on the original is better and less muddy.

Systema 3!