The Willard – Indies 12″ + Klan – S/T 7″

The Indies 12″ from 1986 (named liked this because it was released on Independent Records?) is a compilation of three earlier 7″es of The Willard: Outlaw from 1984, Vanguard and Congratulation from 1985. Two songs off these 7″es were released in different versions on the compilation The Punx – Street Movement.

Indies also comes with a solo 7″ by The Willard’s bassist Klan. In my opinion, the single’s A-Side is the total winner of this package: a totally awesome new wave rock song with sax and a slap bass solo!

Sing A Gloria (not on this comp)!

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  1. 1 Fernando 27. November 2016 um 14:57 Uhr

    Hi again!

    Wow, I was commenting in the Zolge’s post about their Lords obsession and then comes The Willard! Now, this IS obsession, with the Damned (79-86 era), as the Willard were their perfect Japanese clones. And incredible ones at that! The plagiarism extends to the image and sound, but the songs have original music, so it’s like having an alternative Damned! I like the Damned very much, thanks, even in their goth/psych records, so I love The Willard, too.

    And now an interesting note. THE STALIN became known in the Westworld thanks to their track in ‚Welcome to 1984′, „Chicken Farm“. But the modern Stalin fans (like me, worshipping Jap HC since the day before yesterday :D ) should be surprised to hear the intense soloing in the aforementioned Stalin track, uncommon compared to Tam’s recordings. The key to the enigma is – the guitarist who played in ‚Chicken farm‘ is no other than Jun Obiga aka June Bleed, that is, The Willard’s Vanian, I mean, singer :D And hence the Captain Sensible style of soloing in ‚Chicken Farm‘: it’s modelled after ‚Ignite‘ (check the later ‚Nasty‘ too). Damnedheads, I tell you :D

    Thank you so much for this collection!, I had only about half the tracks. I‘m surprised about the bassist’s free single, as discogs doesn‘t mention it (even though it appears in the pics).

    Saludos! :)

  2. 2 抗独 27. November 2016 um 15:39 Uhr

    I had read about Jun playing in The Stalin, but not exactly on what recording. Also, there’s no way I would have recognised his playing, ha! I‘m listening to Chickem Farm right now, and I have to say you‘re right on the mark! Thank you for all the info.
    All the incest/member sharing on japanese punk/hc never ceases to amaze/baffle. I can‘t help finding it funny to see that e.g. G-Zet and Zouo shared members with Cobra!
    Klan’s solo 7″ can be found on discogs (, but I had dig through the page for Independent Records to find it. It’s not on The Willard’s page, plus there’s two pages for Klan (The Willard links to the one of his that doesn‘t list the 7″…).

  3. 3 Fernando 07. Februar 2017 um 16:03 Uhr

    About this post, I forgot to mention that Jun Obiga also played guitar in Michiro Endo’s tape „Vietnam Legend“. The funny thing is, the Willard’s guitarist is not Jun, but another guy. I guess Jun wanted to concentrate on his vocal/gestual/wardrobe Vanianisms :D

    „All the incest/member sharing on japanese punk/hc never ceases to amaze/baffle.“ Oh, we gotta continue this topic, but in another post, hehe

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