The Zolge – Feel No Fear 3 Tracks E • P

The Zolge’s Feel No Fear 7″ from 1986 is stylistically pretty similar to Crisis My Guest: cold, dark, stomping punk/hardcore with some deathrock influence thrown in, with the guitar leads on track three being pretty similar to The Star Club’s song Ataraxia. The single’s cover artwork is pretty horrible, but in an awesome way.

Or maybe not!

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  1. 1 Fernando 27. November 2016 um 14:40 Uhr

    „Or maybe not“: is that „maybe not horrible“, or „maybe not awesome way“? :D

    This band had an obvious and unashamed obsession with the Lord of the New Church. Many others did. I never got it. Possibly the Lords were Killer Lords when playing live, but on record they sound pretty dull to my ears. Yes the supergroup had supermembers from the Dead Boys, the Damned, Sham 69 and… was it the Barracudas, the other one? But the combination is not super, that’s the problem (btw that’s typical of so-called supergroups). But yes, they had a great image, a revamped NY Dolls for punk/goth times, and apocalyptic lyrics, that made it. Thousands of imitators (at least in the looks). But then the G‘n'R came stealing their image and everybody forgot the Lords, ha.

    Now, about the Zolge… Thanks for this record! Do you happen to have their DOG 4 first flexi (Over Alive)? I don‘t find it anywhere :(


    Fernando :)

  2. 2 抗独 27. November 2016 um 15:08 Uhr

    Hey Fernando,
    „maybe not awesome“ is what I meant, but you can take it either way! ;)
    I never got into the Lords of the New Church, either. Far too nice for my taste. I sometimes do have a place in my heart for the Holy Dolls, but only because of Riistetyt and me being a big fan of Suomi Kasikaks, I guess…
    I‘ve got two more 7″es of The Zolge (Catholic Day and In A Target), but not Over Alive.

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