Allergy – アレルギー作用 12“

Oh man, bands like Allergy and their 1983 アレルギー作用 12“ are the very reason I often despair describing music (well no, not really despair). Sure, „post-“ is a catch-all term I could certainly use, but damn! Resorting to comparisons always works, too: the funky bass lines are surely influenced by Killing Joke’s Youth, and the singer’s wails and warbles bring Theatre Of Hate to mind, but Allergy are definitely no rip-off. Guitarist Ono also played on The Stalin’s Fish Inn LP, which might be a further indication of what Allergy are about musically.

For E.

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  1. 1 E. 27. Januar 2017 um 15:07 Uhr

    wow! tahnk you so very much, this made my week! killer EP, I liked it better than El Dorado

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