Molugu – Romance 7“

Molugu’s Romance 7“ from 1984, another ADK classic (edit: nope, it’s not. That’s me being sloppy!). The songs are less minimalist than the ones on Neo Punk Disordery, with 3+ minute dirges and 1.5 minute punk stompers in typical tinny, lo-fi ADK (nope, more like Penta Studio) production (including one live track).

No more wasting time with my useless ramblings; get this 7“, it’s great!

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  1. 1 Fernando 22. Januar 2017 um 17:03 Uhr

    Yeah, I get it since it’s great! :D Really, there were a couple of songs from the EP in the tube and I was eager to catch the whole whing.
    This band was slow to release stuff but I read somewhere that they were formed in 1979 or something, so they could be called pioneers of Jap. punk. It seems to be their only record apart from the ADK omnibus. BTW this EP was not under the ADK label, even though Tam produces (so yes, it can be called an ADK production ;) ).

    Thanks for this one, and for the Allergy album too!


    Fernando :)

  2. 2 抗独 22. Januar 2017 um 17:35 Uhr

    Hey Fernando,
    thanks again for the correction. This is what happens when you skip the fact checking and do stuff from memory.
    I didn‘t know they‘d been around for that long. One could‘ve hoped for some previously unreleased tracks from their early days to see the light of day…

  3. 3 Ed 23. Januar 2017 um 6:16 Uhr

    Big thanks for this! Was also curious about this release for a while.

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