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Das Gemeine – S/T 7“

This flexi 7“ from 1985 (?) seems to be the only release of this cool ass gothic rock band with a great singer. Halloween on side A is a pretty catchy, almost uptempo number, while Carnival on side B is a slow, 7 ½ minute lamentation; just the kind that would be the most appropriate counterpoint background music for barbarian, uncivilised rituals such as german carnival…

Funny enough, I can‘t really decide which side up the front cover should be displayed. From the way the cover is folded, my scan would be upside down…

But it looks better this way!

Manbiki Chocolate – Super Dimensional Hardcore LP

If you want to know just why Nattō rolls from 7-11 and Mobile Suit Gundam models are relevant to hardcore, download this LP. You‘ll find the answer in the detailed band history in the booklet. This compilation’s got Manbiki Chocolate’s first 8“ 万引伝説 Part-1 from 1990 (bootlegged here), outtakes from the 8“’s recording session, late 90s compilation and CD tracks plus unreleased songs.

Great name for a band, great name for an LP!

Auto-Mod – Cannibal Of Love 7“

Cannibal Of Love, what a title! This 7“ from 1985 is already a bit different from Auto-Mod’s earliest releases: slow, dark and romantic, new wave pop rock with crooning vocals and a wailing saxophone. Side B even has some disco-like moments during the chorus.


Last Bomb – Retro Firing 7″

After Ghoul’s original bassist Bear Bomb quit the band, he went on to sing in Last Bomb. The Retro Firing 7“ from 1986 is their second release. I can‘t help it, but in my mind I always compare this record to finnish Pohjasakka’s „Maailma Täynnä Vihaa“: the guitar sound is just as underproduced, and the playing as frantic, though Last Bomb sound a bit more focused and put more work into their songwriting.

I thought retro was poison?