Archiv für März 2017

Tam Boy Ide – Bootleg 10“

How to describe this 10“? Tam, together with Boy and Ide of E.D.P.S. going wild in the studio and recording their crazy, 10+ minute long, purely instrumental improvisations live, maybe? I guess that’s as accurate a description as I can come up with.

Tank, definitely. Relaxation time, not so much.

The Execute – The Antagonistic Shadow LP

After several 7“es, a tape and a split 12“ with Inferno, „The Antagonistic Shadow from“ 1988 was The Execute’s first solo full length vinyl release. At this stage they no longer played hardcore, but had become deathrock/goth in style (after some earlier flirting with darkness, e.g. in Criminal Flowers). Quite hard to imagine that a band, who once released thrashers like these, would produce an album that’s 53 minutes in length, with the longest track being almost 8 minutes.

P.S. It was also made to be played very loud.

v.a. Crack – Gojira Records Complete Collection 1978-1979 LP

The six 7“es on this compilation album, all released in 1978 and ’79, are the complete output of Gozira Records. Mirrors, who also had two tracks on the Tōkyō Rockers live compilation, were the only band to release two 7“es on Gozira. Their songs range from simple, pounding punk rock on the first one to funky/off-beaty post-punky greatness on number two (this is not to say, that the first 7″ was any less great!). Mr. Kite played slow, pondering post-punk; their lovely track Exit B-9 was also featured on Tōkyō Rockers. Tsunematsu Masatoshi would later release more solo records and several albums while playing in E.D.P.S. Compared to his later output these two simple punk tracks are a lot less experimental. Though Flesh’s band members would later go on to play in a number of other acts, this 7“ of cheeky/snotty punk rock (with a synth) was their only release as a band. The same holds true for Maria 023, whose fast stompers are definitely the most aggressive songs on this compilation.

There are several versions of this compilation on tape, LP and CD, with different track lists, sometimes with a different album title. Some include live tracks or even one more band -Pain- from the Tōkyō New Wave ’79 compilation / the Rockers movie.

This album is pure gold.

Poison – 毒 7“

This (kind of) self-titled flexi 7“ from 1985 was Poison’s first release. Since only their vocalist Fighting Soldier would remain for 1986’s follow up Mystery Tempation, this 7“ sounds like it’s from a totally different band. The playing is charmingly amateurish, the songwriting is a lot more primitive and completely different in style: a lot less burning spirits, but more… what? Primitive UK 82, maybe?


Slang – The Immortal Sin 12“

I know it would be such a cliché, but why is this album jacket not black? This album -released in 2008- would be a great aural representation of black. The darkest, sickest, stenchiest and blackest d-beat you and I could wish for! None more black (aurally).

Vantablack, maybe?