Poison – 毒 7“

This (kind of) self-titled flexi 7“ from 1985 was Poison’s first release. Since only their vocalist Fighting Soldier would remain for 1986’s follow up Mystery Tempation, this 7“ sounds like it’s from a totally different band. The playing is charmingly amateurish, the songwriting is a lot more primitive and completely different in style: a lot less burning spirits, but more… what? Primitive UK 82, maybe?


2 Antworten auf „Poison – 毒 7““

  1. 1 Fernando 28. März 2017 um 22:48 Uhr

    Thanks for this one! I was curious about their first, Chelsy-less, effort! BTW this is possibly the best sleeve they ever had. This band had an incredible bad taste for sleeves! :D :D


    Fernando :)

  2. 2 抗独 28. Mai 2017 um 19:07 Uhr

    I recently got their (well, Poison Arts to be precise) Kick Rock 7″, and its cover is awesomely horrible in its glam/hard rock/hairmetal/visual kei/whatever look!

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