v.a. Crack – Gojira Records Complete Collection 1978-1979 LP

The six 7“es on this compilation album, all released in 1978 and ’79, are the complete output of Gozira Records. Mirrors, who also had two tracks on the Tōkyō Rockers live compilation, were the only band to release two 7“es on Gozira. Their songs range from simple, pounding punk rock on the first one to funky/off-beaty post-punky greatness on number two (this is not to say, that the first 7″ was any less great!). Mr. Kite played slow, pondering post-punk; their lovely track Exit B-9 was also featured on Tōkyō Rockers. Tsunematsu Masatoshi would later release more solo records and several albums while playing in E.D.P.S. Compared to his later output these two simple punk tracks are a lot less experimental. Though Flesh’s band members would later go on to play in a number of other acts, this 7“ of cheeky/snotty punk rock (with a synth) was their only release as a band. The same holds true for Maria 023, whose fast stompers are definitely the most aggressive songs on this compilation.

There are several versions of this compilation on tape, LP and CD, with different track lists, sometimes with a different album title. Some include live tracks or even one more band -Pain- from the Tōkyō New Wave ’79 compilation / the Rockers movie.

This album is pure gold.

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  1. 1 Ken 22. März 2017 um 1:46 Uhr

    File not found.
    Can you re-upload? Thanks.

  2. 2 抗独 22. März 2017 um 20:04 Uhr

    Hey Ken,
    it’s back online and I didn‘t do a thing.

  3. 3 抗独 23. März 2017 um 17:47 Uhr

    It was gone again. I replaced it.

  4. 4 Ken 25. März 2017 um 18:24 Uhr

    Cheers! Thanks a lot.

  5. 5 抗独 26. März 2017 um 17:32 Uhr

    Thanks for the notification btw. I don‘t regularly check the links, so I‘ve usually no idea if a file is offline.
    I also never knew that mediafire blocked a number of files with „hardcore“ or „fuck“ in them until somebody messaged me about it.

  6. 6 Fernando 28. März 2017 um 22:44 Uhr

    So this is the LP version? From 1983 or 1984 if memory serves. The CD reissues have interesting bonus tracks. I found one of the versions some years ago in the net. But it’s annoying to know that the other version has different bonus live tracks! :D

    About the bands:
    - Mirrors were the owners of Gojira, there’s a possible explanation of why were they the only ones who had two singles in the label. I love this band, my early Jap. Punk faves.
    - I‘m surprised by the description of Mr Kite as ‚post punk‘. Surely you didn‘t recognise the Beatlesque name of the band, so they were lucky and found a „benefit“ in your judgement :P No, but seriously, I think Mr Kite’s massive influence was 75-77 New York, i.e. Patti Smith and Television. Their track in the Rockers movie sounds like a mix of both. Television influenced massively in post punk so here we have the connection ;)
    - Tsunematsu Masatoshi did something else between this solo single and his EDPS projects: he was a member of FRICTION and he played in their first single and first album! He replaced their first guitarist, Lapis, circa Dec. 1978 (he is playing with them already in the Rockers movie). His Gozira solo single was recorded before the Friction adventure but released in Jan. 1979 when he was already a member. His single is a rare example of early Japanese punk with strong influence of British 77 and Ramones. (And the Stooges, at least judging by the cover: „Do you wanna be my dog.g.g!!“)
    - Flesh had members of a previous band called PAIN who appear in the Rockers movie again, and the Tokyo New Wave comp.
    - Maria .023, I always forget how they sound, I don‘t know why. From your comment about their aggressivity I have a vague memory of one of their songs sounding like proto-HC? Gotta check them again…

    Saludos and thanks! F. :)

  7. 7 Fernando 31. März 2017 um 21:38 Uhr

    Hi again!

    The scans are a wonderful job… One can read all the information… and discover that one Maria .023 member is called Genet… Genet was to be the leader of AUTO-MOD and a legend of Jap-Goth!!
    Yesterday I was listening to this single and yes, he sounds very much like the Auto-Mod singer. I remembered well, there’s something proto-HC in Maria 023’s single, the fast chord changes and some of the drumming, but it’s mixed with aggro-funky moments. Needless to say which way that Auto-Mod chose… Speaking of p-funk bands, members of FLESH formed the FOOLS if memory serves…

    Saludos & thanks again :)

  8. 8 抗独 28. Mai 2017 um 19:05 Uhr

    Hey Fernando,
    two months until I answer, that’s got to be record breaking! Thanks a lot for that ton of info. About Mr. Kite: I had actually known about that Beatles „connection“, but completely forgotten about it again (repression, maybe?), no thanks for that reminder! ;)
    I also was uncertain how to label them, and thought post punk was the closest match. But now that you mention it, I can definitely hear the similarities to Television songs like Elevation.
    Btw, I always wondered: did Friction take their name from the song by Television?

  9. 9 抗独 02. Juni 2017 um 16:34 Uhr

    Btw.: be prepared for some real vitriol, should I ever post the Let It Be 7″ by Gomess…

  10. 10 Fernando 04. Juni 2017 um 16:47 Uhr

    Hi 抗独!

    I knew you would be happy with me reminding you of the Fab Four! :D

    GOMESS? Please do that! Never mind the vitriol! I‘m in love with that band! It’s a shame about their obscurity and not having some CD compiling their stuff. A couple of their songs are lost in obscure compilations. The guy from the bravenewworld blog had their 2nd and 3rd EP’s and they‘re big faves of mine since!!

    Anyway, I came today because of the Friction question. The answer is yes, Television it is, I knew I read it somewhere. The pope Julian Cope says so, here: http://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/albumofthemonth/friction-79-live I don‘t usually trust in Cope very much when he talks about Jap-rock history, but I suppose in this case he’s reliable.

    Big saludos! (Grosse Grüsse!) :D

    N.B. Rare stuff by Gomess that I know of but I‘m afraid I‘ll never get to listen is:
    - a previous version of ‚God Bless Me‘ in VVAA MC 乱痴気 AID オムニバス (胎内レーベル, 1985-86)
    - ‚The wild one‘ in VVAA Flexi EP Spring Rock‘n Roll Circus Tour (no label, E 7985, 1987). The comp has also Narumi & the Misters (ex-GAS), Union (interesting lo-fi punk girlband), The Strummers.
    - „Heart and XXX“ in VVAA MLP Dangerous Rumors (SOS Series Vol. 2) (Invitation 1988).

    I must comment other of your recent posts but I‘ll do it in some days ;)

  11. 11 抗独 29. Juni 2017 um 18:50 Uhr

    Beware: Gomess are coming up next. Thanks for pointing out The Strummers for me, never heard of them before! Narumi & the Misters and Union were already on my gotta-get-that-some-time list…

  12. 12 Fernando 01. Juli 2017 um 12:52 Uhr

    Hi 抗独,

    the MLP Dangerous Rumors I mentioned from 1988 has, apart from GOMESS with a song called „Heart and xxx“ (probably the XXX was some Beatles title that someone censored? :D :D ), again UNION and STRUMMERS (with different songs), plus a couple of bands that would have real record careers in the 90’s –MESCALINE DRIVE and The NEWEST MODEL– and Army Call Up Test. I found info here: www.before1984.jp/bf/frame/0007.html

    The first NARUMI & THE MISTERS EP (Cool Man) can be found in the web and in the tube, too. The second one (a 12″) hasn‘t surfaced as far as I can see…

    Well, lots of stuff to comment today, I gotta go for some other post…

    Fernando :)

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