Kyah – S/T 7“

Kyah’s S/T 7“ from 1984 on R.B.F. Records is chock-full of greatness: its four tracks bounce to and fro between snotty punk rock, new wave, almost-hardcore and post-punk (pretty much like their songs on the R.B.F. 1984 8“ compilation). A really cool 7“, interesting and with a lot of attitude!
The cover’s inner fold-out didn‘t scan too well. It’s printed on reflecting paper, which came out as solid black. I had to improvise, the end result is a bit dull and blurry, but at least you can read the lyrics now.

Btw: the cover of the 7″ opens like an envelope. I love that kind of stuff!

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  1. 1 Fernando 13. Juni 2017 um 1:15 Uhr

    I think I mentioned this before in this blog, but I worship this band. They were a happy find, one of my first ones, when I discovered Japanese hardcore the day before yesterday! :D (well, circa 10 years ago, not counting a GISM track, the crazy Blockades for the mysterious Pussyfooter, that I had on tape since the mid 80’s). In fact, I have already 2 versions of this EP (one from vinyl, one from CD). So, I‘m downloading this one too, so I‘ll have three! :D :D

    (No, to tell the truth, my main motive is the cover scans, but I‘ll check your rips too and it’s much appreciated ;) )


    Fernando :)

  2. 2 抗独 29. Juni 2017 um 19:00 Uhr

    I hope the scans are okay enough. Scanning the inside really sucked; after a couple of failed attempts I read somewhere that scanning the paper through laminating foil kind of works, so I tried that. Okayish might be the right word.
    About Kyah: are their 12″es worth checking out, too? I already know Slapdash, but Dear Mr. and Rebel Point are still unknown territory for me.

  3. 3 Fernando 01. Juli 2017 um 13:04 Uhr

    The scans look excellent in my eyes. I can‘t compare with the originals though! I was very happy to see the face of their first singer, the one who sang also in the 3F=C band. (I had seen the main cover, but the photos are intentionally cut & moved. BTW in the main cover L to R we have: the guitarist, the singer, the drummer, the bassist. The guitarist and the bassist were the only members that lasted in all Kyah lineups.)

    Everything from Kyah is worth checking ou! And worshipping too! The Rebel Point 12″ is very much in the style of Slapdash and with the same cute singer (Eiko). „Dear Mr“ had a change of lineup (new singer Miki and new drummer Misa, ex-RAP and ex-Last Bomb) and has new directions: one song is pretty rockish and more commercial (Stand up to the sun, it even had a video that you can watch in the tube), another sounds slightly metal-ish, and the other two follow their previous sound. So yes it’s a goody one too!

    Fernando :)

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