Madame Edwarda ‎– ヒステリックな侯爵夫人 LP

Madame Edwarda’s debut LP, „The Hysteric Marchioness“ from 1984 on City Rocker Records, sadly remained their sole vinyl full-length album; later they would release one more album on tape.
In my opinion the tracks are not as great as the three masterpieces on this 12“, but it is still a great piece of gothic rock.

To the hysteric marchioness!

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  1. 1 Fernando 01. Juli 2017 um 13:11 Uhr

    I used to ignore this band after being bored with their OUTSIDER comp tracks recorded live in 1982. But I re-discovered them thanks to your post of their 1985 12″ and soon after I found this LP that sounds quite good too. I still don‘t know it by heart so I can‘t compare much; anyway, if memory serves, the guitarist does some metallic parts here and there that sound like Led Zeppeling or something, something which was quite unusual in 1984 (mixing goth with metal), long before the Cult started mixing goth with AC/DC-isms circa 1987. So now I think of Madame Edwarda as some sort of underrated pioneers ;)

    Fernando :)

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