Gomess – Lxx Ix Bx 7“

Why would anybody do such a thing as release a cover version of a Beatles song? Why? That band always was, is and always shall be The Enemy (not the UK ’82 band)! What ever happened to „How brilliant! They hate the Beatles!“?
Here the abomination cover song especially aggravates because I really like the other two tracks on this flexi 7“: Kick Down on side A is a cool, upbeat, melodic punk rock song, Jim Niteshade on side B is even cooler, dark and sad. So why do the unforgivable pay a completely unnecessary hommage to THAT BAND, when you‘ve got enough cool tracks of your own? Damn!

Unaffected Nation in Japan! 1985

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  1. 1 Fernando 01. Juli 2017 um 13:54 Uhr

    Hahahaha the promised vitriol! Zensur & Zensur (Male quote) in the title! :D

    I‘m not sure if The Enemy were the Beatles themselves or the Beatlemania and the „nothing happened since the Beatles“ nostalgia of the mid 70’s. But more direct enemies were the ampulous bands a la Yes, ELP, LedZep, Queen and the lot. Cover versions of the Beatles from punk bands appeared since the beginning, with the Damned destroying ‚Help‘. But already in the Banshees‘ „Helter skelter“ cover you can doubt the intention is destroying anything. Same with The Boys‘ „I call your name“ from 1977. Sham 69 covered Day tripper and even (ouch!) With a Little Help from My Friends (a drunken parody in this case, yes). The list is long. White Flag, a harcore California band that for some reason had a strong following in germany, covered diverse Beatles tunes (I‘m Down; There’s a place). The Negazione guitarist was a confessed fan. Nickey & the Warriors did „I wanna hold your hand“! Shonen Knife plagiate „Get Back“ in one of their early records. And Michiro Endo himself did „Help“ again in a strange arrangement… Yeah, the list is long. The thing with GOMESS is, why THIS cover? Isn‘t that something like covering „Imagine“ by Lennon? Precisely because it’s one of the hippiest songs the Fab Four ever made? Because it could be an offence or a provocation for most punks? I guess so! :D But I agree – they had enough cool songs for recording at least two excellent LP’s but never made it and recorded this unnecesary cover instead!

    I dare to say it: You should really listen to the Beatles! :D :D I used to hate them too. But I‘m used to checking my own own prejudices so one day I decided to listen to their entire discography. There’s still something in them that I dislike very much, I confess I feel a bit uneasy when listening a B’s record, but there’s good music and interesting things in there too!

    I can‘t thank you enough for uploading this EP! I had already the other two (from the tube) but I needed badly the „Jim Niteshade“ track!

  2. 2 Fernando 01. Juli 2017 um 14:26 Uhr

    Oh, I forgot. I‘ve done of course the same operation of checking out the devil with the other hateful bands I mentioned. But I still think ELP are vomit-inducing shit, I don‘t like Yes (No! hahaha) even though the guitarist of the Germs dared to make a mini-Yes-tribute in the Lexicon devil EP (see? punks are provos). I like the heaviest songs of LedZep but some of their stuff makes me puke again. Queen were and are quite hateful but I must confess I like some of their songs, or some bits. I don‘t like Genesis either. With Genesis I remember I had a minidebate with Martin from the brotbeutel blog. Because he hated Nina Hagen most than I do (I don‘t hate her records but never liked them much either) and I mentioned her 1978-79 band sounded like Genesis (ouch), which is true if you want to check it (specially try „The Lamb lies…“) but Martin didn‘t even want to know, not wanting to hear Genesis never ever! You 独 punks are radikal! :P

  3. 3 抗独 29. Juli 2017 um 20:47 Uhr

    No chance, I‘m not picking up a Beatles record, ever! No matter how many cool artists (that I even like) you may list, it’s just not happening! :p One of the few Beatles covers I can actually bear is 013’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps on Takaisin Todellisuuteen.
    Though I have to admit that only one part of my hatred of the Beatles is pure and genuine; the other parts are dogma and fun (I just love to hate on them!). I dislike most of their music less than the musos‘ reverence for them, and Macca’s Mull Of Kintyre must be the tackiest song in the world. Well, maybe the 2nd tackiest after Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.
    About the other monsters you mention: I also cultivate a deep, profound hatred of Queen (don‘t ask me about the horrors that 12 year old me had to endure during skiing camp in school!), which is 100% pure. No fun, no dogma. Just hatred. The Germs may have been fans of theirs, too (that micro-cover of another one bites the dust they did during sound checks), but Queen are the worst of the worst. „Did you bring ballet to the masses yet?“ Pah!
    Nina Hagen is absolutely horrible, too, and I‘m not even talking about her music. Her nutty, esoteric conspiracy mongering bothers me even more. Ack.
    About Genesis: only last thursday while browsing through a (kinda bad) 2nd hand record store I had to endure some Genesis compilation album (eighties, though) the clerk was playing. I left far sooner than I wanted to. But enough with the ranting!

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