v.a. 時の葬列 – Selections From Excommunicated Monument

This is great compilation album of japanese mid-eighties gothic, new wave, post-punk and noisy avantgarde stuff. G-Schmitt are frail, beautiful and full of pathos, Madame Edwarda’s tracks definitely surpass the songs of their debut album, Auto-Mod deliver songs of dancable aggression and childlike wanderings (but less funk than on some of their 7“es), and Sadie-Sads‘ tracks on this album are pure genius. And to make it all perfect, the title translates as…

The Funeral Procession Of Time!

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  1. 1 Fernando 02. August 2017 um 22:37 Uhr

    Yes this compilation has la crème of the Wechselbalg (hey, that’s German for you! and not your everyday word precisely…) label and yes a lot of goodies. The Sadie Sads tracks I don‘t remember now (it may be that it was precisely their tracks the ones I didn‘t have from this album?) but this band can be a bit disappointing in their other releases, specially when they do Birthday Party imitations (but I guess Sodom, the Japanese band, were worse at that, in their second incarnation as goths). As mentioned, I had most of this LP already, but not the complete lot, so… thanks!! :)

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