Warriors – Born To Ride 7“

The Warriors (a.ka. Nickey & The Warriors / Road Warriors) are another splendid example of musicians for whom 1, 2 or 5 bands were not enough. Seems like almost each of the dozen band members went through another dozen of big name bands. Try drawing a pedigree chart, I dare you! Anyways, this 7“ from 1986 has three tracks of great, melodic punk rock; the title track is a cool interpretation of the doo-wop progression, but the stand out imho is the closing track I Do‘nt [sic!] Care. Great stuff!

In Finland they doo-wop progression is called the Aku Ankka (=Donald Duck) progression. Important to know.

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  1. 1 uzername 01. September 2017 um 5:05 Uhr

    Their modern incarnations is OK too. The split Road Warriors (without Nikki) and Double Warriors is great (2 CDs).

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