The Willard – 3 Years 7“

According to discogs this flexi 7“ was a giveaway at the release show for Good Evening Wonderful Friend in 1985. It came in blue and red versions, my 7“ is a red one. Two tracks (3 Years and D-Day Or Lost Day) are re-recorded versions of songs on their first 7“ from 1982, La Caduta Degli Dei. The new recordings are a bit faster (of course) and the sound is a bit cleaner compared to the old 7“. The last track, Winter Song, is an instrumental which starts out slow and contemplative (or so), gets louder and faster before its noisy finale.

D-Day. Definitely.

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  1. 1 Fernando 23. November 2017 um 0:45 Uhr

    Great find! This one has to be a bit rare… Thanks a lot!

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