Auto-Mod – Last Punk Hero/Dancin‘ Rhythm 7“

Last Punk Hero, what a great name for a great 7“, I hope it pissed off lots of humorless punk purists! Released in 1982, these two tracks are great disco‘esque post-punk with funky guitar and basslines, a drum machine, chirping synths and of course Genet’s unique voice. Yeah!

Dancin‘! Dancin‘! Dancin‘, dancin‘ rhythm!

1 Antwort auf „Auto-Mod – Last Punk Hero/Dancin‘ Rhythm 7““

  1. 1 Fernando 23. November 2017 um 1:08 Uhr

    I couldn‘t find the B-side anywhere! Big thanks!
    Saludos (lots of comments today, hehehe, mostly short ones.) :)

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