Samurai – I‘m A Person Not A Number 8“

I don‘t really know shit about Samurai, so if there’s anyone to fill in the blanks, I‘m willing to learn more. Here goes what little I can say: during their original existence in the early/mid-eighties it seems this power trio released a 7“ and two 8“es, this one being the second 8“ from 1985. The music is mid-tempo punk rock with a lot of rock‘n'roll thrown in, a bit like what The Rockers or Anarchy did a couple of years earlier. Samurai come across a bit stiffer and less fun, though. At least were as creative in finding a band name as The Rockers and Anarchy, haha. A reunion produced one more CD and a couple of compilation albums, it seems.

Is that enough? Hmm.

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  1. 1 Fernando 31. Dezember 2017 um 3:32 Uhr

    Oh, yesterday I forgot to comment this post. About filling in the blanks…, well, you almost told everything, and even more, because you suggest they made a reunion CD and I haven‘t read about that. There were three compilations by the Inundow Label in 2004-2005: Select, 20 years ago Go!! and Point Zero. The three of them cover their back catalogue (in a bizarre way and the CD’s are quite short, 2 of them should have been enough). The stuff you forgot is their two demo tapes: „2nd“ from 1982 (yes, „second“!) and „Point Zero“ from 1986.

    I never thought of their ressemblance to The Rockers and Anarchy (the trio should be completed with The Mods, maybe!), because Samurai belong to a second generation, starting like 3 years afer those three. But you‘re right in a way: Samurai share their r‘n'r roots and the „imaginative“ name of the band (possibly they thought it could help them getting fame overseas?). BTW there was another band called Samurai in the 60’s and 70’s whose leader Mickey Curtis (half-American) was an actor, too.
    But I still think there’s a big difference between Samurai and the Mentai Rock + Tokyo‘ Anarchy infamous trio. These three were clearly bands oriented to the ‚punk‘ market, big companies and big stages. On the other hand, Anarchy were total copycats in their first album which even consisted mainly on covers, and not specially brilliant at that. The Rockers are very energetic and the Mods have good melodies, but most of their riffs are stolen! Sometimes in surprising combinations. Samurai appear, instead, as a band from the streets, with an indie passion (their records were self-released), they write their own songs without ripping off others, their r‘n'r roots don‘t come from the mid 70’s rock (pub rock) but from the 77 punk-rocking bands like the Vibrators (a clear influence in several tracks), the Heartbreakers and so on. So, I have the feeling that Samurai were a more ‚real‘ band than those three. The results are not always excellent, I can agree with that. But watch them live. They were good. There’s a 1985 gig (in a small venue, of course) around in the tube, live at Yaneura or La Mama, in 3 parts.

  2. 2 抗独 31. Januar 2018 um 20:23 Uhr

    Hey Fernando,
    I guess you‘re right in pointing out these differences, and in your „assessment“ of their attitudes. Still I like Anarchy the best of them all, haha! In an old MRR (it’s scanned in this The Stalin bootleg) it says Anarchy had to „sanitize“ their lyrics for the records and were supposedly more political in their live shows or something? The Rockers‘ LP I found okay, but also a bit too r‘n'r. The Mods I‘ve yet to truly check out. I only listened to some of their later stuff (I think) on youtube, which sounded a bit too nice for my ears. Are they worth digging deeper?

  3. 3 Fernando 02. Februar 2018 um 2:12 Uhr

    Hi 抗独,

    about Samurai vs Anarchy, well maybe you say that because this very EP isn‘t the best one from Samurai, or because you enjoy Anarchy’s joke much better than me :D

    The Rockers‘ LP? Which one? I guess you mean the first one (WHO th eRockers). The second one is as good as the first. The third one, way inferior, but it has the famous ballad, „Namida no Highway“. Did you see the Rockers‘ movie BTW? 2003 if memory serves, directey by the singer, who became an actor and director.

    „The Mods I‘ve yet to truly check out. I only listened to some of their later stuff (I think) on youtube, which sounded a bit too nice for my ears. Are they worth digging deeper?“ If you enjoy Anarchy, why not The MODS? Their early stuff sounds very Clash-inspired but with more things in the mix (even Flamin‘ Groovies from 76-79 era). Stuff from their first LP can be found on the tube (beware of re-recorded songs though); almost nothing from the 2nd one (Newsbeat or something similar, I‘m lazy to check it now). About their later stuff I don‘t care too much either, it sounds much lamer. But the MODS more interesting stuff possibly could be a tape they made around 1979-80, before having a contract. The songs appear very fragmented in the movie Crazy Thunder Road by Sogo Ishii (1980) and a complete list appears in the credits (together with PANTA&HAL & others‘ contributions). No, I don‘t have that tape, and nobody seems to care about releasing it anyway. But watching the movie you get an idea. A couple of the songs from this tape (or whatever it was) appeared in the flexi that came with the first LP. One of them, „Urusai“, is a Heartbreakers rip-off (I wanna be loved). These Mods were always ripping off hahahaha. But sometimes it works well. same with Anarchy and the Rockers. Samurai is another story. They can be duller, but at least it’s their own songs…

    Saludos. Oh, btw, you got mail. About one of the most boring and awkward records ever made…

  4. 4 抗独 25. Februar 2018 um 23:04 Uhr

    Hi Fernando,

    - about the Rockers: yeah, I meant the first LP with its absolutely random spelling, I‘ve only got that one. Actually, that LP and the Burst City soundtrack are the only things of theirs that I know (so that’s a no about their movie, too…).
    - about the Mods/Anarchy: I couldn‘t really say that I don‘t like the Mods, I hardly know anything of theirs. I guess I will check them out now, after all well made rip-offs can be damn enjoyable!
    - about manufactured bands: did you ever come across the german Strassenjungs [sic!]? Their first album Dauerlutscher is absolutely awesome in its cringe inducing shittiness, haha!

  5. 5 Fernando 26. Februar 2018 um 21:41 Uhr

    Hi 抗独

    Oh yes die Strassenjungs! I‘m not sure if I should be proud pointing out that I even have that record on CD! Yes I‘m curious about early punk & HC all across the globe and my German collection is one of the biggest. Some of those early „punk“ bands were terrible and the Strassenjungs is one of the worse ones, indeed. Hamburg’s Big Balls have similarly stupid lyrics but at least they rock (or they punk) in some of the songs. I haven‘t heard it for a while but I remember that Strassenjungs record as mainly boring old fart bad rock. Most early Italian punk bands like Decibel, Gli Incesti, Skiantos, etc., are very alike. Oh and I forget the Spanish ones… woah, I‘d almost feel ashamed to name them, hahaha.

    I think the arly Mods‘ stuff is pretty enjoyable, not a bad investment if you pick their first two albums.

    About the Rockers movie, well it’s fun, but it was made in 2003 with young actors in Japan’s circa 2000 fashion, that means pretty boys with nice haircuts and so on. The movie is a pseudo-biopic without any intention of placing the story in the real historical context, it’s somehow based on the real band’s story but with lots of fantasy in the middle.
    Oh, the Battle Rockers in Burst City are not exacly the rockers, it was a combination of The Rockers and The Roosters (another „punk“ band from the era that sounds like pub-rock à la Dr Feelgood).

    Saludos :)

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