G-Schmitt – Sin, Secret & Desire 12“

After a string of 7“ and 12“ e.p.s, this record from 1986 on Wechselbalg Syndicate was G-Schmitt’s first full-length release. Six great tracks of new wave and gothic rock between cold, adventurous, serene, dancable, melancholic and subtle, all made even greater by singer Syoko’s beautiful voice.

There you are!

3 Antworten auf „G-Schmitt – Sin, Secret & Desire 12““

  1. 1 johnroad_closed 30. Dezember 2017 um 5:47 Uhr

    I am always grateful for your help. Especially I am very happy because I like around „Transrecord“ and „Wechselbalg“.Those that are not cd are particularly nice. If there is anything else, please upload it.
    I hope the year of 2018 bring you a lot of happiness and smiles.

  2. 2 Fernando 30. Dezember 2017 um 7:27 Uhr

    I like this band a lot. Nevertheless, I can‘t help wondering if they mispelled ‚Schnitt‘ with an M… or they really wanted us to think of a sweaty guy working iron with a hammer :D

  3. 3 抗独 31. Januar 2018 um 19:52 Uhr

    Hey johnroad_closed,
    I posted some Kokushoku Elegy for you! Thanks for the new year’s wishes, and the same to you! :)

    Hey Fernando,
    I‘d rather think G-Schmitt was supposed to be G. Schmitt, meaning Günther Schmitt, probably one of the dullest german names imaginable. :p

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