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Headache – S/T 8“

Another one hit wonder, as this 8” from 1984 was Headache’s only release. The music is simple and primitive, mostly mid-tempo hardcore punk. There are some similarities to e.g. The Mobs or Danse Macabre, and some song titles hint at an affinity towards dark stuff: Devilism, Doom Dance, Pleasure Of Death. Internationally they remind me a bit of such antisocial nutters as FKK Strandwixer or Maho Neitsyt. No idea if their lyrics were as disgusting/humorous as theirs, but the last track Viva La Headache is kinda funnypunk (?), maybe a bit like Gai’s Blood Spit Night.

Aus der Hose läuft mir schon der Schimmel und mein Arsch der stinkt ja schon zum Himmel! Zefix noch amol!

So What – Murder 7“

This 7“ from 1990 was a shared release on Selfish and Dynamite Records. Since 1985’s Injustice 8“ So What have gotten harder and a lot tighter (I think they changed drummers), though it means they also lost that amateurish charme their first release had. On Murder they sound a bit like Gudon, though less wild and frantic.

I have spewed up on a pint of piss?

Forward – Fucked Up!! 12“

Fucked Up!! is the 2002’s 12“ release by Forward: 8 tracks of intense, powerful, Burning Spirits hardcore by these all-star monsters, immediately recognizable thanks to Ishiya’s unmistakable voice! Now less talk, more…

Not the Canadians!!

黒色エレジー – ST 12″

Kokushoku Elegy (Black Elegy) released this record in 1988 as their second self-titled 12“. Their guitarist and bassist had previously played in the great Niku-Dan. Though Niku-Dan had not played standard punkrock either, and ventured into weirder, sometimes darker, and more post punk stuff too, Kokushoku Elegy’s style is a lot more gothic and new wave now, kinda comparable in style to G-Schmitt.

This way to four tracks of beautiful anguish and melancholy!

Rose Rose – Mosh Of Ass LP

After a number of 7“es and compilation tracks Mosh Of Ass, originally released in 1987 on Dogma Records, was Rose Rose’s first full length offering (this here is the licensed pressing from 1988 on the british In Your Face Records). And what a monster of a debut this is: 40 minutes of very metallic, thrashy and grinding, mid-tempo moshing, blast beating insanity. Pure madness!

The Mosh Of Whose Ass? Mine?

Fuck Geez – パンク·ロックで埋めつくせ!! 7“

Released in 1986, the Fuck Geez‘ third 7“ was one the early releases by the prolific MCR Company (number 10 of now over 200, wow!), whose co-founder Yumikes is also a band member. Musically, this record has simple, melodic punkrock, so enjoy!

Yep, here they are!