G.I.S.M. – Militaly Affairs Neurotic LP

With their second LP G.I.S.M. showed once more just how sick a bunch of motherfuckers they were. Militaly [sic!] Affairs Neurotic is a more metallic, and may sound a bit more -erm- „restrained“ when compared to Detestation or their early compilation tracks: the sound is less fuzzy but still pretty lo-fi, the songs are less frantic and Randy Uchida’s leads are also much clearer and more defined. Some of the melodies and guitar parts could have equally well turned into R.U.G.-songs, if they weren‘t immediately followed by atonal, hateful sickness. Degeneration, what a twisted and warped „ballad“! And Fatigue has to be the best interpretation of that chug-chug-a-chug heavy metal picking ever! If this sickness weren‘t enough, the two sound collages and the artwork (look at it! Just look!) definitely prove that G.I.S.M. were as insane as ever, and Sakevi’s growls sound even more cancerous than before.
This version here is a recent (and affordable) bootleg with an additional silk screen print on the outer PVC sleeve and a huge poster.


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