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Typhus – インセクト テロリスト LP

Typhus, godfathers of japanese hardcore! This fanclub LP compiles the priceless milestone of japanese hardcore which is their S/T flexi 7“ from 1981 and their punk-as-fuck rehearsal tape from 1980 on side A, side B has their Live Take tape with recordings from several of their shows (with firecrackers going off in the audience). Also included is a big, fat magazine insert with the band’s history, background info etc.

Something that absolutely NEEDS to be adressed is the ugly ass cover artwork. Yeah, I know typhus is spread by lice, but this is just loveless and shoddy. Not that I could have done better, I absolutely suck at all things design, graphics and layout. Even scanning LP covers is hard and taxing work for me, haha.

This boot was booted by Absolute Power, who (among others) also did this live record by GISM and this compilation album by The Stalin.

Insect Terrorist?

Vespera – 擾 Tape

Vespera (esperanto for evening) from Tōkyō play melodic punkrock with a hardcore edge. Between May 2011 and April 2012 they recorded three demo tapes. The 15 tracks of these demos are compiled on this tape. The recording quality may be a bit rough and tinny, but this is punkrock not pop music. For a while one of their band members operated a falafel stand in Tokyo, which sadly seems to have closed by now.

Mmmm, Falafel!

アナーキー – ’80維新 LP

Anarchy’s 2nd LP from 1980, released not long after their debut album. Stylistically it’s pretty similar to their S/T, but with more originals in place of the cover songs. Their roots and influences are still damn obvious though, the opener being so incredibly Capitol Radio… Today the LP’s title ’80 Restoration (as in Meiji Restoration) seems kind of weird/funny to me, considering this album sounds so damn 77 and not very 80s at all. But I‘m looking at it with a lot of hindsight bias, knowing what the 80s would later sound like; plus their 2 Tone-like influences were a lot more cutting edge back then.

Or maybe that almost-irony was just the point and I completely missed it? Hmm.

Systematic Death – Systemania Volume 1 2xLP Systematic Death – Systemania Volume 2 2xLP

If you want what’s essentially an all-of 80s‘ Systematic Death, look no further than the double albums Systemania Vol. 1 and 2. These records originally came out in 2007 as CDs on the japanese Fade In Records, the vinyl versions were licensed in 2008 by Partners In Crime.

You‘ll get their first demo tape, the Systema Flexi 7“ plus session outtakes, the tracks off the Hold Up Omnibus 8“ and the Systema 2 Cassette on Systemania Vol. 1.

The there’s the Flash Back 7“ (Systema 3), an unreleased track for a planned AA Omnibus, the tracks off Thrash Til Death, the Final Insider 12“, the songs off My Meat’s Your Poison and the Virus Compilation, the Stimulate Cassette and the Step 7“ on Systemania Vol. 2.

Kathabuta – Tune In Turn On Drop Out 2×7“

I have no idea if Kathabuta („The Skabs“, maybe?) were big LSD users, their style is definitely not psychedlic in any way, though, as this double 7“ flexi from 1990 on Bloodsucker Records has 8 tracks of raging crossover thrash. The production is lo-fi in a good way, as this style of metallic hardcore can easily sound a bit soulless to my punk ears when the production is too clear; but not Kathabuta, this stuff is cool shit. Besides these flexis they also had a tape and a number of compilation tracks.

Tune In Turn On Drop Out!

Crude – Attitude 12“

Crude’s best one? It’s hard to say, since Crude have been around for more than 20 years and released such a lot of full-lengths, EPs and splits. Plus it’s always easy to call the early, „defining“ releases the best ones, especially when today’s Crude are kinda different in style and sound from late 90s Crude… Anyways, Attitude’s opening track Stand & Fight Again is one of my favorite songs of theirs, so that’s that!

Still their best one…

夢札 – 狂ッタ夢ノ果テマデ

Yumefuda, a late 90s Tōkyō punkband sadly, did not release too much beside this 7“ from ’98 and a tape. On this release they included two snotty and enjoyable thrash numbers, one effect-heavy dirge and a simple, mid-tempo hardcore song. Not quite as hard as The Gaia, not quite as punky as Nurse, give them a listen and judge for yourselves.

Until the end of a dream gone mad…