Typhus – インセクト テロリスト LP

Typhus, godfathers of japanese hardcore! This fanclub LP compiles the priceless milestone of japanese hardcore which is their S/T flexi 7“ from 1981 and their punk-as-fuck rehearsal tape from 1980 on side A, side B has their Live Take tape with recordings from several of their shows (with firecrackers going off in the audience). Also included is a big, fat magazine insert with the band’s history, background info etc.

Something that absolutely NEEDS to be adressed is the ugly ass cover artwork. Yeah, I know typhus is spread by lice, but this is just loveless and shoddy. Not that I could have done better, I absolutely suck at all things design, graphics and layout. Even scanning LP covers is hard and taxing work for me, haha.

This boot was booted by Absolute Power, who (among others) also did this live record by GISM and this compilation album by The Stalin.

Insect Terrorist?

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