Narumi & The Misters – Groovin‘ Queen And Fridnes 12“

After Gas split up singer Narumi went on to play in Narumi & The Misters. This 12“ from 1988 was to be their second and last release (compilation tracks aside). The music is definitely no longer the hardcore of the early or the darker/melodic punk of the later Gas. The Misters were more of a rock‘n'roll group, and the music is pretty upbeat in places.

The spelilgn!

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  1. 1 Fernando 27. November 2018 um 14:23 Uhr

    The spellign, indeed! :D Anyway, this is a gift, my „fridne“ :D I‘m a big fan of Narumi’s works (and hairdos) with GAS and I kinda like the Misters‘ single so I was eager to find this very 12″. Thanks a lot!!!

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