The Original Star-Club – Saturday Night Live 1978 8“

This 8“ flexi from 1987 was released as a promotional item, and as you can guess from the title, it contains old live tracks from 1978. I enjoy this one more than their later stuff I‘ve got, even though their -ahem- influences are extremely obvious here. Through the -sometimes charmingly out of tune- guitar wall you can easily make out the Ramones, Heartbreakers, New York Dolls et al, one track also sounds a lot like Anarchy’s Not Satisfied.

I don‘t care about the music, either.

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  1. 1 Fernando 27. November 2018 um 14:51 Uhr

    According to my sources, this flexi came as a freeby with the compilation „Very Best of – Kings of Punk 10th Anniversary Album“ which appeared in 1987.
    Nice find!

    I never found a source which determines which were the first Japan panku records. This is weird, considering that the Japanese hava a soft spot por precise datings, as much as I have :D
    About the first Jap-punk LP there is no doubt for me, it was th Rokkets‘ # 1 from March, 1978, followed closely in April by the Tokyo NW / Tokyo Rockers comps. But what about the first single? That one is more difficult. And the Star Club are to blame :D
    In 1977 there was a couple of pre-Lizard’s Benitokage releases in 7″ but I wouldn‘t say that was punk, maybe slightly punkish in places. (Again, never found exact release dates for those two, something I find strange if we‘re speaking of the Japanese with their dating mania.)
    Next one would be The Star Club’s EP: „Live! Go to Hell“ which several sources date in December 1977. This one should be the first Panku single then, but… was it really? I‘m not sure because in the band’s website it is described as a promo, maybe a private release.
    Then there came the Mirrors‘ „Shogeki-X“ as late as August 1978 in the wonderful Gojira label.
    So, I‘m surprised about the poor info about the foresaid Star Club’s EP. It seems as if the Japs, eve if they love exact datings, they don‘t care about their musical history. Every country has their own „first punk single“ but Japan is the friggin‘ exception :D And the Star Club are to blame :D
    Even so, there is a Jap movie about a fictional punk band from the early 80’s, in the movie this band makes a reunion tour in the present day, and their manager gets them to start the tour in Nagoya. And he mentions the reason being that the Star Club were the punk originators in Japan! So this might be a clue… Obviously this band were doing their Pistols and Heatbreakers impersonations in mid 1977, more than half a year before the Tokyo Rockers circle of bands (including Friction and the Mirrors) and also before the Kansai circle (maybe with the exception of the amazing Gaseneta, who never released anything).

    Off topic: did you finally get the amazing Abgas‘ 2nd EP?

  2. 2 抗独 29. November 2018 um 19:24 Uhr

    Hey Fernando,
    so I would write a bit less incompetent nonsense, of course I immediately bought the japanese Flex discography, now that it’s out. There’s no definite answer to the first japanese punk release in it either, but he speculates it to be Benitokage’s 2nd 7″ (which I thought was appropriate to be posted today ;) ). There’s no definite date for it (except sometime in 1977) though. He also sources The Star Club’s EP as of December 77. Hmm.
    About Abgas: yes, I downloaded and listened to it, and then completely forgot to write to you about it. I don‘t really find it that disastrous; the band’s attitude of playing naked and/or covered in paint I find a lot worse, haha.
    Maybe after their first EP (and knowing Cotzbrocken and Ätzer 81) nothing can shock me anymore?

  3. 3 Fernando 02. Dezember 2018 um 16:10 Uhr

    Hey 抗独,

    never knew about that Flex book but it sorta confirms what I said about the Japs not caring about their punk history. It’s so obvious it’s almost scary!! :D I guess someone isn‘t doing the ight interviews. The other day I was reading the inlay notes of the Typhus LP you posted (I downloaded it precisely for the cover) and was disappointed to read again the Chitose theory abut their mysterious early female singer. For kamisama’s sake, the people from Typhus are alive, isn‘t there a single person in the Japworld able to go and talk to Aburadakos‘ ex guitarist Izumi and ask him, for instance, who was the real screamer girl of early Typhus?
    About Benitokage’s 2nd single, I don‘t remember it as being punk with balls at all, but I guess I should listen to it again. In any case my usual choice for Japan’s Panku 1st single is definitely the Star Club EP.
    About the dating of Benitokage’s 2nd single, my guess would be late 1977, since one of the tracks appeas in their posth. album as recorded in Autumn 1977. It’s a different take, but could be from the same sessions. Who knows. Maybe Momoyo’s alive and someone could ask him too, hahaha. Or maybe there is some old magazine from 1977 with a review of the single but there’s no Gimarc to be found in Japan, hahaha.

    About Abgas, well, my point of view is, that EP is even much worse than the first one (in all its glory) because it’s boring, it’s a collection of monotone postpunk (a la early Banshees or Joy Division) backing tracks, with really clumsy bad drumming, it’s absolute Scheiße, Mensch! The first EP at least is fun… oh, you quote Ätzer 81… Stuttgart kaputtgart hhahaha. Wonderful album indeed :D Were Cotzbrocken so terribly bad? I guess I‘m mixing them with some other old German band… Should re.listen to them too.

    Saludos/Tschüss/Abayo!! ;)

  4. 4 Fernando 02. Dezember 2018 um 16:19 Uhr

    P.S. Oh, I forgot. Did we ever talk about that early Jap. girl-band, GIRLS? I wonder if that Flex book you mention talks about them. They were a band inspired in the Runaways, their 2 albums appeared in 1977 and as a sign of the times they include covers of the Runaways (Chelly Bombu), Blondie (In the Flesh + X offender) and even a disco version of „Shena is a Punk Rocker“. Their 2nd album is even called „Punky Kiss“, it includes an original „Punky Highschool Love“ which was a single as well.
    Of these GIRLS I only found a couple videos in the tube and a small collection of snippets of songs from both albums. Not very punk at all, but an interesting band anyways. The disco cover of the Ramones‘ „Sheena“ is big fun too :D Sadly I only found a snippet of that one (maybe one minute and a half, not so bad either).

  5. 5 抗独 30. Dezember 2018 um 23:10 Uhr

    Hey Fernando,
    how is a lazy bum like me to answer to your walls of text? Damn you! ;)

    About the earliest japanese punk release it’s especially funny, since japanese pressing plants seem to be pretty accurate in their record keeping. But probably all of this is common knowledge in Japan, and since -as you say- nobody’s doing the right interviews (with the pretty tough language barrier contributing its part), japanese punk/hardcore being a niche interest within the niche interest of punk, us gaikokujin make do with the uncertain info we have…

    About Typhus‘ mystery singer I‘ll quote you the Flex book: „a studio rehearsal/demo recorded Oct 28, 1980 that features both their male singer Akio Izumi and their female singer/guitarist Miina Yasue“.

    Btw. the book does include GIRLS. I had not heard of them before, and only now checked out their version of Sheena. Wow. Just wow. There’s a full version on youtube (, and I‘m afraid I‘ll have to check out more of their stuff. This is just too good!

    About Abgas/Cotzbrocken: You may be right that Die Tänzerin is damn inept ship, and ineptitude usually fits punk rock a lot better than it does post-punk. But Die Tänzerin just does not cause utter disbelief in me when I‘m listening to it; their S/T does. Cotzbrocken are musically not as terrible as the first Abgas 7″ (they do have actual songs); MRR called their record „mediocre“, haha. It’s more a combination of several factors that makes them so bad: pretty clumsy playing; the LP being a release by ROR; bad production by ROR’s Herbert Egoldt himself; an 8 1/2 (ha!) minute rendition of the Peter Gunn Theme by a band that can‘t play; clumsy lyrics; politically dubious lyrics; racist lyrics; lyrics sung (well, spoken) in a thick Cologne accent; the band’s appearance in the involuntarily funny documentation „Randale und Liebe“…
    In spite of all this, there is SOMETHING that I like about them (not the racist lyrics…).

    Btw. if you‘re into really incredibly ineptly played/written music/outsider music, did you ever check out the Shaggs‘ Philosophy Of The World? It’s THE most incredible album there is. Unique, stunning, I love it! There’s just no topping it. I once listened to it while driving my car and was afraid I was going to crash it since I could not control myself anymore!


  6. 6 wedge 10. Juni 2019 um 4:14 Uhr

    the singer on this Typhus tape is Meena Yasue. her name is on many Japanese punk and HC records from the late 70s and early 80s. and she was once married to Michiro Endo and co-ran the BQ label that released many Stalin and Michiro releases in the late 80’s

  7. 7 wedge 10. Juni 2019 um 4:17 Uhr

    and this Star Club flexi is NOT a promotional item. this was released as part of the „The Very Best Of“ Picture Disc LP package from 1987~8. and i have seen this with many different color paper. mine is pink. this is NOT a promo release!!!

  8. 8 抗独 30. Juni 2019 um 20:54 Uhr

    Hi wedge,

    thank you for the additional info on Miina Yasue. Did not know that before! :)


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