Samurai – Center Of Tokyo 7″

These two vinyl and flexi 7“es from 1983 are Samurai’s debut effort. I like this one here the best of their three releases from the eighties: though the sound is pretty similar to their two 8“es -rock‘n'roll and garage influenced punk rock- the tracks on these 7“es are kind of livelier and a bit dirtier to my ears.

Still, the highly original bandname…

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  1. 1 Fernando 02. Dezember 2018 um 16:28 Uhr

    Great! I was eager to hear this one in full-version! (I oly had a couple of tracks until now). Thanks a lot!

    The name, oh yes. Even worse, before the punk Samurai there was the hippy Samurai. Its was Mickey Curtis band in the 2nd half of the sixties. Half-American Mickey aka Miki Curtis had been of the first rockers in Japan in the late fifties. He also was an actor and appeared in several Kihachi Okamoto’s films. A great director BTW, not very well known outside Japan, but responsible of lots of great and usually crazy and funny films.

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