Assault – ST 7“

Released in 1999 on Loud Hatred Records, this is Assault’s 1st 7“. The three songs on their debut are powerful, kind of anthemic and catchy hardcore, with some cool guitar harmonies and background chants. They definitely split up too soon, before they could release a full length album. Damn.

Get is, this is great shit.

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  1. 1 VanDamnage 02. Januar 2019 um 19:27 Uhr

    Assault totally did release two albums, I have one of them! Check the Discogs:

  2. 2 抗独 03. Januar 2019 um 21:14 Uhr

    Hi VanDamnage,
    actually I already posted their S/T 12″ here. I knew these two releases, but with 6 and 7 tracks they‘re more like mini-albums; that’s why I wrote Assault didn‘t release any full-lengths. Which one do you have?

  3. 3 VanDamnage 09. Januar 2019 um 21:39 Uhr

    I was thinking about the S/T 12″. I was thinking that they were technically LPs because of the size and playing speed. I just rechecked that Discogs link and the CD is the same as the LP…man…I feel really dumb.

    I do love your blog, tho! Next time I try to look cool on a blogpost I‘ll do more thorough research :P

  4. 4 抗独 28. Februar 2019 um 20:45 Uhr

    No problem, I screw up my research in every second posting, haha.

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