ME♀SS – Get Into A Mess 7“

This flexi 7“ was Me♀ss‘ debut release from 1986. They played very tight and fast hardcore, sometimes being very metallic (as in the chug-a-chugging instrumental intro), sometimes being pretty punky. Me♀ss went on to release two albums, one 8“ and a number of compilation tracks. Though I‘m not completely sure, Me♀ss‘ band name was probably derived from the japanese „mesu“, meaning female and being pronounced roughly similar to the english „mess“. It would also explain the venus sign in the name. Although the name is occasionally transscribed as „Mess“, it probably does not mean „mess“.

What a mess!

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  1. 1 Stranger 01. März 2019 um 1:01 Uhr

    What a mess indeed.
    It could mean even „Me SS“, but this is too simple.
    Venus sign in the name was „cut“ at the bottom on couple of next records. Mysterious sign. It looks like they were reffering to some mystic concept.

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