Sheena & The Rokkets – #1 LP

Here comes Mentai Rock legend Sheena And The Rokkets‘ 1979 debut LP, appropriately titled #1. The music is of course less punk than new wave rock (here too with a bit of a 50s influence), but the opener Highway Of Tears is such a driving, stomping and heart-thumping punk rock number you just wanna put on a moth-eaten Oxfam jacket, bounce around your room and gob at your parents! No wait, that would have been the UK… No idea what the punk kids in Fukuoka did.
This version of the LP is a later pressing from the mid-eighties with a different song order and one extra track.


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  1. 1 Fernando 09. September 2019 um 10:30 Uhr

    This was the very first Japanese punk album, predating the Tokyo Rockers and Tokyo New Wave comps and Aunt Sally’s debut for Vanity. Of course it’s very new wavey but who cares if the music’s good and they love the Ramones? :D

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