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Paintbox – The Door + Provided Railroad 7“

Paintbox’s 2nd 7“, released in 1999, is testament to their creativity and uniqueness. The Door is a fast and driving piece of powerful hardcore punk with Chelsea’s trademark guitar leads, but the real kicker here is the intro supported by a fucking brass section, which also gets to play a solo with dual harmonics. Provided Railroad is somewhat slower, but gets to feature a harmonica, congas (bongos?!), a flamenco guitar solo and another brass solo. I‘m not sure if I need to mention this, but ALL of these crazy musical excursion sound absolutely great!

Anybody wanna top that?!

Mobs – Gypsy On Journey 7“

Gypsy On Journey, another release with a title that’s no longer the preferred nomenclature, was the last 7“ by The Mobs. The guitar lead of the title track -a fast, melodic and somewhat melancholic hardcore song- bears an uncanny resemblance to the Asta Kask song Demokrati. The second track is a wild ride with a slap bass intro (with lots of chorus) and a really crazy synth. The last track is the most powerful one on this 7“, with metallic guitar leads and some nutty, almost clean guitar parts in the chorus/bridge/whatever.

Vi har demokrati så visst är du fri!

Endless Chaos – ST 7“

So far, their self-titled 7“ from 2016 is the only vinyl release by Endless Chaos (there’s also a live CDR). It’s got four simple, fast, driving and energetic hardcore songs. A little bit like Think Again maybe (Endless Chaos are a power trio as well!), though not quite as wild and insane, or maybe like a tighter but less melodic and catchy Exhale. Anyway, this is a damn cool 7“ and I sure hope there‘ll be more to hear of them some day.

Get it!

RAP – Trap 罠 7“

Trap 罠, released in 1986 on Dogma Records, was RAP’s 2nd 7“. It’s got three powerful tracks of mid-tempo to slow punkrock, all of which have a dark, melancholic and somewhat gloomy edge. I guess I prefer this one to their first 7“, which was more melodic and upbeat. A great release!

And again: no literal rap on this record, but another lame joke as the link’s title.

Liberate – Worth Of Living 7″

Liberate, another band made up of scenesters who all seemingly play(ed) in dozens of bands. Liberate played extremely tight, driving and fast hardcore. The songs on their debut 7“ from 1996 are definitely not melodic, but some are still kind of catchy. The third track „Surely“ on the other hand almost reaches D.O.N.D.O.N.’s levels of speed and hoarse atonality. Definitely a damn cool and powerful 7“.

Get it!

The Star Club – Hello New Punks LP

Although The Star Club (more Beatles references, haha!) had been active since early 1977, Hello New Punks from 1984 was their first studio album. Granted, that was after a live album and a load of 7“es. Most of the songs on this album are still mid-tempo punk rock, but sound a little less adventurous than on their early 7“es (especially Club Take One had some interesting shit IMHO!). Also the sound is tougher, and Hikage’s voice is kind of nastier than before .

Any new punks around in this day and age?