The Star Club – Hello New Punks LP

Although The Star Club (more Beatles references, haha!) had been active since early 1977, Hello New Punks from 1984 was their first studio album. Granted, that was after a live album and a load of 7“es. Most of the songs on this album are still mid-tempo punk rock, but sound a little less adventurous than on their early 7“es (especially Club Take One had some interesting shit IMHO!). Also the sound is tougher, and Hikage’s voice is kind of nastier than before .

Any new punks around in this day and age?

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  1. 1 wedge 10. Juni 2019 um 4:22 Uhr

    this LP is actually from 1982. this version you have here is the 2nd edition from 1984. the first version had a completely different sleeve artwork and included a big poster, lyric sheet, and a 1-sided flexi with a song called „The Bible“. ive also been told that this version you have is supposed to be a different mix. i have the original pressing. ill d/l this version here and tell you if the mix is different

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