The End

As was announced in December 2018 blogsport will sadly cease to be sometime in late 2019. Since I still want to continue blogging about japanese punk/hardcore/post punk/gothic and so on, I will have to find a new home. In the last weeks I tried to move this blog to a different hoster, but didn‘t manage to import the backup xml data of this blog. Since I don‘t want to lose the data on this old blog, but am a) incompetent b) a lazy bum and c) gone for the next week or so, it is going to take a while until I have definite news how and where I‘m going to continue blogging.
Those who care, stay tuned!

7 Antworten auf „The End“

  1. 1 Nihilist Militant 31. August 2019 um 16:54 Uhr

    Thank you for all.

  2. 2 sg 02. September 2019 um 17:50 Uhr

    Good luck finding a new spot. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Thank you for all your work.

  3. 3 ENT 02. September 2019 um 17:53 Uhr

    抗独 万歳!

  4. 4 Eatatquarks 03. September 2019 um 1:16 Uhr

    Thanks for posting all this cool music. This site helped introduce me to the world of japanese punk a few years back. Keep on blogging and good luck.

  5. 5 Eva Pipple 04. September 2019 um 20:42 Uhr

    ya better find cum back! i need u, my life is boring!!!!

  6. 6 Fernando 09. September 2019 um 10:24 Uhr

    Oops 抗独 it seems it’s been some months since I last visited and now I‘m reading this post under such alarming title :P I hope you will find a new home before the world explodes :D

    Best saludos!

    F. :)

  7. 7 Migue C 14. September 2019 um 16:17 Uhr

    Thank you for so much material and for such dedication, brother. Good luck and we look forward to your return. a hug from Peru :D

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