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v.a. Thrash Til Death

With Lip Cream, Systematic Death, Outo and Gauze this compilation/4-way split is like a who’s who of japanese mid-eighties thrash bands. Even though I‘m not that big a Lip Cream fan, this whole record is completely chaotic, high-speed thrash & burn madness, with some of the best tracks these bands ever recorded. Hell yeah! This version is the US-release on Pusmort Records, and sadly came without an insert.

Thank you, Brilliant Naoki!

Coma – In A Coma 7″

And once again it’s a band about which I can‘t really tell anything. As far as I know they only released this one 7″ on Tam’s ADK Records. There’s a lot of Bauhaus (who would‘ve guessed?) and Killing Joke influences on this great record.

Why not worship brutalism?

v.a. The Punx – ストリート・ムーヴメント

The Punx – Street Movement was originally released as a tape in 1985 with a huge 84 page book about the history of Japan’s punk scene. The compilation features songs by Gas, Laughin‘ Nose, new wave band The Willard, the hilarious Cobra (Worrier’s Rock? Or did they mean Warriors‘ Rock?), Lip Cream and GISM. One of the GISM tracks has a different song on each audio channel (can‘t these maniacs do anything like ordinary, well adjusted people?), but I separated the channels so you can listen to each song on its own. You‘re welcome!

C‘mon in Oi!

L.S.D. – Destroy 7″

The first 7″ by L.S.D. from 1984 takes low-fi to new extremes. Extremely simple songs, a not-quite-in-tune guitar and a barking, croaking singer who sounds like he had an echo chamber built so he could live in it. Since this was ripped from a recent bootleg 7″ the sound quality is kinda mediocre, but the songs are still damn great! In 2005 all of their recordings were released on a compilation record with better sound quality, too.

Lustmord, Snatch, Death‘Ein Bodie

Phaidia – In The Dark LP

As with the band Anarchy, I don‘t know very much about パイディア (Phaidia). All I can say is they were an early- to mid-eighties deathrock band who released several 7″es plus this very enjoyable (can you say this about a deathrock album?) LP. They sounded a bit like Christian Death with some Killing Joke thrown in, and (of course) had great big hairdos and makeup.

Not G.B.H.

Gai & Swankys Split 2×7″

Gai (Outsider/outside) from Kyūshū were one the original japanese noise-core/raw punk bands. Together with bands like Confuse and ジイク ハイル they developed their own style by completely dropping musical ability and songwriting, ignoring production values, and replacing them all with lots of distortion and fuzz. In their time they recorded several tapes before releasing their first flexi 7″ called „Extermination“ in 1984. Later they changed their name to „Swankys“ and kept going for a couple more years. This bootleg 2×7″ includes Gai’s Extermination 7″, The Swankys‘ Lifestyle 7″ plus a couple more tracks, of which I don‘t know from what release they were taken. Anybody care to enlighten me?


アナーキー – S/T LP

There’s not really much I can say about アナーキー (Anarchy), since I don‘t know very much about them. This is their first LP from 1980, which could have been a pretty cool album, if they had recorded some more original songs instead of a shitload of cover versions: songs by Stiff Little Fingers, Eater, The Clash (three times) and even (get this) Chuck Berry wound up on this LP. Too bad, since their own songs are actually cool and catchy 77 punkrock, though pretty outdated by 1980.

Johnny B. Goode

SS – The Original 12″

This here is a bootleg of a 1984 posthumous release of a 1979 live show in Tōkyō. SS were probably the first japanese band to play something resembling proto-hardcore, and listening to this record I find it hard to believe that such wildness and ferocity in 1979 could be found outside of the USA. There’s hardly a song longer than one minute, the 1-2-3-4s come a lot faster and wilder than Dee Dee’s, the bassist shreds like a madman, and I doubt the guitarist plays even one single chord on his out of tune guitar! Fucking great!
SS never released any studio or demo recordings, but there’s another live recording available on CD. Sadly all the song titles are lost to history.

SS RAGE! 1-2-3-4!

屍 – 人間に生まるること難し・・・

This is the first 7″ by 屍 (Shikabane/“Corpse“) from 1997. You‘ll get 10 songs in little over 8 minutes of complete blastbeat and thrash madness! In the same year they also released a split-7″ with Agathocles, their first LP came out in 1998. Both are musically pretty similar to this e.p., but with the next release in the year 2000 – their great „Ego And Desire“ e.p. – some black metal influences started creeping in and they turned a lot darker.

屍 – 人間に生まるること難し・・・

Ghoul – Carry Out Fucking 7″

Oh hell, this 7″ is so fucking great in its stomping primitivity! I couldn‘t even say just why I like Ghoul so much: is it because there’s actually a guy named „Bear Bomb“ on bass or the great makeup job on the guitarist? Or is it all the legends surrounding their one-handed singer Masami, who allegedly lost his hand in a pipe bomb accident/workplace accident/retaliatory yakuza action, and who died in a coma after passing out on stage? Anyway, check out the videos on youtube of him fighting the audience with a microphone stand at a Gauze show!

Goddumnd Street Gangs‘, dance & fight, then carry out fucking! Question?

奇形児 – Plastic Scandal 7″

奇形児/Kikeiji, meaning „deformed child“, released 4 7″es of wicked punk/post-punk during the mid-eighties. The first two were recently re-released by the original label ADK Records, which was operated by Tam of The Stalin. This is the recent version from 2012 or so.

This e.p.’s opening song absolutely annihilates everything, with its grating bassline and stomping off-beat drums! Get it while it’s hot!

Fuck Ska!

Gas – 1982-1986 LP

Gas from Ōsaka started out as a political thrash band, changed their singer after their first flexi, and gradually evolved into a mixture of post-punk and dark, heavy rock. They operated their own Jisatsu („suicide“) label (自殺レーベル) on which they released all of their material themselves.

This compilation LP includes their 2 7″es ((No More Hiroshima from 1982 and The Day After from 1984), their split 8″ with Niku Dan (肉弾, „Human Bullet“) from 1984, and some live tracks.

Fucku sa system!

The Stalin – 電動こけし / 肉 7″

電動こけし / 肉 (Dendou kokeshi / Niku) is the first 7″ by The Stalin, released on flexi disc in 1980. The cover art is disgusting, disturbing and great, the music lies somewhere between noisy, disjointed weirdness and simple but great punkrock. This here is the official re-release from 2005 on SS Recordings.

There are a lot of great videos of The Stalin to be found on youtube, where you can witness live vomiting and stagediving into the lethargic audience of some music show on tv. Enjoy!

Needle up my cock