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Gas + 肉弾 Split 8″.zip

Instead of describing the Gas + 肉弾 Split 8″ myself, I just let the late and great Tim Yohannon of MRR do the talking. His review is just too good not to share:

„GAS is sort of a Japanese SIOUXSIE-in-more-pain-than-usual, with an accompanying hard post-punk backup. But watch out for those rock guitar solos and wah-wah pedals! NIKUDAN (MEAT HUNTER) is heavy on complex structures, high production, and atmospheric hard post-punk. All you „hardcore is passé“ BIRTHDAY PARTY freaks will like it. I don‘t.“

I guess I must be a „hardcore is passé“ BIRTHDAY PARTY freak then!

Bastard – Wind Of Pain Compilation LP

I have no idea, whether Bastard chose their name in an hommage to Motörhead, but they sure are heavy! These guys were all members of other well known japanese hardcore bands (Gudon, Systematic Death, Judgement, D.O.N.D.O.N. Rocky & The Sweden, Tetsu Arei), and wrote one the most iconic songs of the whole genre: Misery. This is a bootleg compilation containing their Controled In The Frame 7″, the original Wind Of Pain 12″ and one track from the Triple Cross Counter compilation 7″.

What is misery for you?

v.a. Great Punk Hits LP

Just what can you expect of a compilation named „Great Punk Hits“? Exactly what it says on the tin: GISM deliver two tracks of completely distorted, fuzzy and hissing metallic hardcore; The Execute songs are fast and melodic with some metal guitars (just like their first 7″); The Clay are great, primitive political hardcore punk; Aburadako are weird and awesome (sadly the record skips on one of their songs); G-Zet are simply great with one heavy hardcore track and one instrumental song; Laughin‘ Nose are forgettable as always.

Did I mention how great these punk hits are?

Damnable Excite Zombies! – Suck Your Soul 7″

The Damnable Excite Zombies! from the early nineties are another band that I don‘t know a whole lot about, maybe except that they had a really cool name. The music sounds a lot like early Nightmare: damn fast thrash with cool breaks and the occasional guitar wank. In addition to this 7″ from 1991 the released two more splits and a couple of compilation tracks.

A band name with an exclamation mark? Fuckin‘ A!

Sqwad – Set Free Me Out Rock You Out 7″

Sqwad was another band of Ghoul’s singer Masami, who only released this two track single sided flexi 7″ in 1989. The music is brooding and somewhat ominous sounding, with one slower and one fast paced song, both of which could have been on an earlier Ghoul release. However, I am completely at a loss what the song titles or the name of the single might mean.

Sqwad is a registered trademark

v.a. Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla LP

Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla is a great compilation with a cool mix of different styles. It’s got great Burning Spirits hardcore by Death Side and 鉄アレイ (Tetsu Arei), wild thrash by Nightmare and Raise Cain, total mayhem by SxOxB and dark d-beat by Crow (who were not nearly as heavy back then as they are now). This version is a german bootleg on the 大阪 records, who also released boots of SxOxB and Outo.

Better an eye of a thrash guerilla than an eye of a tiger…

The Mobs – Diabolism 7″

The Mobs were originally a dark hardcore/punk band not unlike Ghoul or Zouo, but later developed into a deathrock band. There’s really funny youtube footage of them in some kind of game show where they scare the contenstants wearing heavy make-up. This 7″ was originally released as a demotape, so the recording quality is pretty raw. One song („Stead Fast“) is mentioned on the cover but not actually featured on the 7″, two more songs are demo versions of their tracks on the Hardcore Unlawful Assembly album.

Kill me all!

Paintbox – Cry Of The Sheeps 7″

Cry Of The Sheeps by Paintbox is such anthemic, hymn-like hardrocking japanese hardcore, it’s gotta be heard to be believed! As almost all their releases it’s totally genius, extremely tight and hard to praise enough even by using exclusively superlatives!


v.a. Hardcore Unlawful Assembly

This compilation LP from 1984 is something of a misnomer, since there’s quite a lot of non-hardcore on it: Cobra, Laughin‘ Nose (absolute unlistenable and unbearable lyrics on this release) and Baws are more Oi!/punk than hardcore. The rest are real heavy weights, though: Zouo were the darkest band in japanese hardcore, Lip Cream deliver heavy thrash, Outo are pure distortion, Mobs play dark, somewhat melodic mid-tempo hardcore and GISM are pure evil (as usual)!

I thought this was a riotous assembly?

屍 – 自我と煩悩 7″ (Shikabane – Ego & Desire)

In my opinion Ego And Desire from 2000 is Shikabane’s masterpiece. It’s extremely dark, blackened crust, and a long way from their earlier chaotic thrash. It’s still full of tight blastbeats, grunting and screaming, and it sounds evil as the devil himself!

Your Ego should desire this 7″!

v.a. 病原体 – Virus Compilation Jap

The Virus Compilation features pretty typical thrash from the later eighties. With tracks from Sic, Lip Cream, Fuck Geez, FVK, Systematic Death, Mad Conflux and D.O.N.D.O.N. it’s got a mixture of big and lesser known bands.

Get it!

The Stalin – trash* LP

To be honest, it took me quite a while to fully appreciate just how great this LP is. In all its lo-fi sound, with its dark, weird and disturbing songs, half studio, half live, it has become one of my favorite japanese punk records. Sadly, this here is only a mediocre sounding bootleg, which skips quite badly on the b-side. Since the record itself is in pretty good condition, the skip may even have been on the original record, from which this one was taken. Anyway, now it’s your turn to be dissected in the autopsy room!


Death Side – The Will Never Die Vol. 1

Death Side were such giants! How many bands have managed to name an entire genre of music with one of their songs? This LP features their songs off the compilation albums Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla, Smashing Odds Ness, Game Of Death, Hang The Sucker Vol. II and their first 7″ Satisfy The Instict.

Satisfy your instinct and get it!

Masami – Final Days 7″

Remember the crazy singer of Ghoul I wrote about? After Ghoul went through their dozens of incarnations Masami played in a couple of other bands (e.g. Sqwad and The Bad Lots) and also released some solo records. Even though one of the songs is a reworking of Ghoul’s „Oi! Oi!“, this solo 7″ of his is wildly different from most of his other output. The songs are more Oi! and street punk with none of his usual metallic madness. Does anybody know how this came to pass? And even more importantly:

Who’s that old guy on the cover?

Kuro – Who The Helpless 7″

Who The Helpless by Kuro („Black“) was originally released in the 8″ format. It’s really great shit: raw, primitiv and noisy with raspy, overdriven vocals. Kuro were not as wild as some of the other bands from Kyūshū, but had a bit more of a d-beat influence. All their official output was recently bootlegged as the Hardcore Damnation 1983 – 1986 LP.

X – 絶望した!

v.a. A Farewell To Arms

This compilation was originally released in 1986 with cover artwork featuring the Atomic Bomb Dome, but this here is the 1988 version on Nuclear Blast. Lipcream, Outo, Gauze and The Execute are featured with great thrash, Ghoul and Gastunk are more metallic. I especially love the tracks by Ghoul and Gauze.

I like Cola!

Gastunk – Mr. Gazime 7″

Mr. Gazime (whoever that may be) from 1985 is Gastunk’s second 7″. It’s got a weird, yet very cool hard rock/power metal vibe to it, with great crooning vocals which sound like they could almost come from Mr. Frank Sinatra himself. Totally awesome!

They did it their way!

Face Of Change – 1990 Demo 2xEP

Face Of Change will probably stay the odd one out on this blog. Playing US-style straight edge HC, they were certainly very different from most japanese hardcore bands of that era, when the metallic, anthemic burning spirits style was all the rage. These two 7″es contain their demo from 1990 (well, duh!), and came out on 625 Thrashcore records.

Straight and alert!

G-Zet – S/T 7″

G-Zet were a side project of The Stalin’s guitarist Tam, who also ran the ADK label. They were pretty heavy, had kind of a Motörhead influence in places, recorded a number of instrumental songs, and officially released only compilation tracks and one self-titled 12″. This here is a bootleg which contains two songs off the 12″ (Dog Eat Dog and ボンテージ). As far as I know the other two songs (G-Zet and 365) are off Tam’s solo 7″ and not really G-Zet songs at all (365 is actually a karaoke version of a song by The Stalin, recorded by Tam! Confused yet?).


The Star Club – Cool Posers LP

I can‘t quite remember where I‘ve read it, but supposedly The Star Club were never really taken seriously among punks. There were seen as copyists, posers (cool ones?) and the like. But still, listening to this bootleg compilation LP of their early singles, I find their sound to be pretty inventive and unique, not unlike The Stalin in places. But hell, who am I to judge?

With Poster!

GISM + The Comes – Split LP

Detestation by GISM and No Side by The Comes on one bootleg record! This means

- Death growls versus versus banshee shrieks!
- The heaviest metal versus the angriest thrash!
- Legend against legend!

What are you waiting for?

The Execute – S/T 7″

(The) Execute were one of the early japanese hardcore bands who kept releasing albums and loads of 7″es throughout the eighties. This here is a bootleg of their first flexi 7″ from 1983. It’s got ten tracks of cool and somewhat melodic hardcore and the greatest bootleg sound you could wish for: you can hear just how dusty the original record must have been!

Dust Noise!

v.a. Hold Up Omnibus 8″

The Hold Up Omnibus 8″ is a compilation of live recordings with Systematic Death, Ghoul, The Clay and Gastunk. The tracks by Systematic Death are all available as studio versions on different 7″es and compilations, as is one song by Ghoul. The Gastunk songs are (as far as I know) otherwise unreleased, just like all the songs by The Clay. Sadly the recording quality is mostly mediocre, but The Clay are absolutely great on this record. Really primitive, powerful stompers of straightforward political hardcore.

8 inches of noise!

Confuse – Spending Loud Night 7″

It’s time for another one of the legendary Kyūshū noise-core bands. The Kill From The Heart page calls Confuse „the most widely bootlegged Japanese band“ which I‘ll gladly believe, since this version of their „Spending Loud Night“ 7″ is a boot, too. These recordings from 1983 or 1984 are the rawest and noisiest which Confuse have ever released. Judging from the sound, they probably come from a demotape which they later (1987) released on vinyl. Anyway, you‘ll get three intense songs of thrashing madness and the weird partysong „Spending Loud Night“.

It’s one louder!