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Paintbox – Relicts [singles collection] LP

This 2009 posthumous release of Paintbox’s 7″es came in three versions, as a CD, as a double LP and as an LP. As this here is only the single LP version, it has less tracks than the other two. Still, it’s got Paintbox’s S/T 7″, their The Door/Provided Railroad 7″, the Back Reporter 7″, the Cry Of The Sheeps 7″ (drool, drool!), an awesome cover of Ghoul’s Judas/Intro off the tribute to Masami, plus their Poison Idea tribute.

I‘m not gonna mention again just how awesome they are!

Kikeiji – Hello-Good Bye 7″

Hello-Good Bye is the forth and last 7″ Kikeiji released during their original run in the 80s. It’s more rockin‘ and rollin‘ than their first two 7″es, and thankfully sounds nothing like the band they ripped the title off of. Also differing from their earlier 7″es, it wasn‘t released on Tam’s ADK Records, but on Ducasse. It comes with inserts designed by GISM’s Sakevi, showing you the pleasures of bondage.


v.a. Tunes For Fucker Vol. 1

This LP ist the first of three bootlegs compilations helping fans of japanese hardcore save a shitload of money. The 4 EPs combined on this LP could easily fetch 1,000 bucks together. Deadless Muss and Janky are both great, lo-fi thrash with raspy-grunting/screaming-barking singers, State Children are the most under-produced non-music you‘d ever want to imagine, A.T. Det are metallic with really great, catchy riffs.

Bootleg for money saving!

Zouo – The Final Agony 7″

I‘m a peaceful guy, definitely. But if anybody were to claim that „The Final Agony“ by Zouo (which means „Hatred“, by the way) is not THE very best japanese hardcore 7″, I might get into some real beef over this shit. Everything about this 7″ is completely over the top, insane greatness: its low-fi, heavy, raw production, the crude cover artwork, the „Crass meets Discharge“ style poster, and of course the great, vicious „what if Venom were from Japan and actually cool?“ style tunes! Hell, even the two sides are called „Demon Side“ and „Evil Side“!
Since I‘m not rich, this here is the re-release on Crust War, not the original on AA Records.

And the band members? Cherry, Milky, Mapy and Happy!

Kruw – ザ・パンクス (The Punks) 7″

How much more over the top could this release of Kruw from 2004 be? A WWII cover plus bikers + punks with baseball bats with the obi strip printed on? The guitar’s a bit out of tune, and these guys fire off four punk-as-fuck smashers that just couldn‘t get any better!

The motherfucking PUNX!

LSD – Jast Last 7″

The Jast Last 7″ is the 2nd and final official release by LSD from Ōsaka. Although the 7″ contains a re-recorded version of 憎悪戦争 ~ LSD from their first 7″, the other songs are far less minimalistic than on their previous release. Especially Karen Nash ~カレンに捧ぐ~ is an almost progrock-like epos with complex structures, mixing wild screaming and thrashing with calm parts accompanied by quiet melodies. It’s a fucking great release, sadly this is also only a bootleg. One of the two original cover designs showed the dead body of Yukiko Okada, a japanese teen idol who commited suicide at the age of 18 by throwing herself from the Sun Music building in Tōkyō.

Why don‘t we just put soldiers on the cover?

v.a Outsider LP

The Outsider compilation LP on City Rocker Records was one of the earliest japanese hardcore releases. It’s all live recordings, so it’s a pretty raw affair. Side A has an all-star line-up of GISM, Gauze, Lip Cream (nope, it’s Laughin‘ Nose. Thanks for pointing that out, Fernando!) and The Comes, while Side B features the more obscure post-punk/wave bands Mastervation, Fullx, Route 66 and Madame Edwarda. The LP comes with artwork in the style of Crass Records and a huge fold-out poster designed by GISM’s Sakevi.

Hog Punks! Well?