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Exhale – Strive Against Fate 7″

The ugly cover artwork aside, Exhale’s 2001 „Strive Against Fate“ 7″ is hot shit. It’s four tracks of fast-paced, catchy-as-fuck hardcore with a choking singer and cool guitar licks and shit! Too bad they never got to release too much more. Beside this one they only had two split 7″es with Diallo and Skitkids plus two tracks on the Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2.

No Fate!

v.a. Smashing Odds Ness!! 8″

Seems like somebody was pretty quick smashing the Odds Ness label, since they never got to release more than two compilations. Lame jokes aside, their first 8″ from 1987 fucking kills! Idora open Side A with simple, no-frills hardcore driven by a rumbling bass, Don Don follow up with primitive, super-fast thrash with a raspy-voiced singer. Side B has Mink Oil, who sound like they forced their singer to record 20 takes before they were satisfied; next are Crück, the greatest thrashers on earth who never had a record of their own, followed by Death Side with „Stick And Hole“, the first song ever released by the best band of all best bands: super fast shit with great heavy metal intro and interludes.

Smash it up!

責任転嫁 – Good Luck 12″

Maybe it’s just because it sounds a bit pretentious, but I kinda like the term „uneasy listening“. In fact, I can‘t find a more fitting description für Sekinintenka’s 1985 „Good Luck“ compilation 12″. Sekinintenka („Shifting the blame“) sometimes sound like a mix between The Stalin’s more atonal moments, Killing Joke’s oder PIL’s dub reggae style songs and the illegitimate children of an orgy at ADK Records. This 12″ has the two tracks of their first 7″, a number of good quality live tracks and some new recordings. In 2005 it was re-released as a CD with the additional tracks off their „In The Shadows“ 8″ and their contributions to the priceless ADK Omnibus Vol.1 double 7″.

Anybody want to donate me a shitload of money so I can afford ADK Omnibus Vol. 1?

D.O.N.D.O.N. – Last Warning Compilation LP

D.O.N.D.O.N. released the „Last Warning“ 12″ e.p. in 1991 on Never Again Records. The original version had 11 songs on it, all of them thrashers with primitive „melodies“ played so fucking fast, their drummer has to be a couple of timezones ahead! This is the official re-release from 2008 with four additional tracks from the „Best Run Fast Vol.2″ and „I Will Take No Orders From Anyone!!“ compilations. Btw. on this release D.O.N.D.O.N. stands for…

„Detestation Of Negative – Destruction Of Nuclear“

Niku-Dan – Proletarian Sports 8″

1984’s プロレタリア・スポーツ by 肉弾 is probably their most accessible release. It’s still the same cool mixture of weird punk and post-punk, but the songs are almost danceable and more melodic than the ones on their self-titled 7″ and the split 8″ with Gas. Side A has 4 punk numbers with great song titles like „Cinderella Scatology“ and (roughly) „Stocking Collection Incident“, while side B has two more complex post-punk songs. And what about the great combination of the record’s title and the cover artwork?

Get it!

GISM – SoniCRIME TheRapy 2xLP

Listening to the 73 minutes of GISM’s final album is quite an experience. Recorded shortly before guitarist Randy Uchida’s death of cancer in 2001, it SoniCRIME TheRapy is the most vicious, evil-sounding „music“ GISM ever recorded. It starts out with the jazzed-out, quiet and disturbing 7 minute „Dual Improvisations For Hypochondriac“ before it gets to the real deal. The next 10 songs, named only after their composers‘ initials, are an extremely raw and metallic assault, full of abrupt changes of rhythm and tempo, with loads of brutal, atonal riffs. The few moments where Randy Uchida gets to play his trademark „Iron Maiden on PCP“-style melodies come across as almost more disturbing than the harsh violence around them. The last three tracks are 8 minutes of industrial sound collage, 45 seconds of gunshots plus 12 minutes of static. This is as alienating and dehumanizing as it gets.

On With The Revelation Through Violence!

G-Zet – S/T 12″

To me, G-Zet are just as great as they are mysterious and weird. Founded by ADK-Records‘ mastermind Tam, they existed for little over 2 years before their untimely implosion, when Tam vanished from the scene during G-Zet’s 1985 tour of Japan. Their mix of hardcore with Motörhead-like heavyness produced slow and ominous instrumental epics and vicious, threatening HC-punk numbers. This here is the 2014 re-release, which contains a japanese language infosheet on the band and Tam, who died in 2011.
This 12″ is as exciting and interesting as it gets, so…

…get it!

Lip Cream – Kill The IBM LP

If you wanted to own all the original releases contained on this bootleg compilation LP, you‘d have to spend a shitload of money. This here’s got all their wild, thrashing classics: their „Lonely Rock“ and „Night Rider More Than Fight!“ 7″es from 1984, their tracks from the „Hardcore Unlawful Assembly“ and „The Punx – ストリート・ムーヴメント“ compilations plus a couple of tracks from their „Kill The IBM“ tape.

Bigfoot (He’s Chicken Killer)!

Gouka – Chaos 7″

Just like their tracks on the Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2 compilation, Gouka’s 2002 7″ „Chaos“ is full of driving, energetic and very tight d-beat. Gouka were definitely no boring Discharge copyists, their take on d-beat is a lot cleaner and more inventive than your average fuzzed-out distortion worshippers. They always kind of remind me of finnish Nolla Nolla Nolla’s songs like Leikin Loppu.

Sense of speriority fuck off!

Masami – Power Line X Shock Line LP

In and out of all his different bands like Sqwad, Ghoul and the Bad Lots, Masami released his only full length solo album „Power Line X Shock Line“ in 1987. Just like his earlier solo 7″ „Final Days“ this LP is a lot more rockin than his punk and hardcore stuff (and even contains something resembling a ballad?!). Now that you‘ve been warned…

… go and get it!

v.a. Enjoy Your Youth By This Hardcore Sampler

The biggest names on this compilation are probably the Fearless Vampire Killers, SIC and Don Don. All the other bands here only ever released tapes, 7″es, compilation tracks or splits (Mad Conflux, Scum Bag, Vulgarity Kids, Oil Shock, Disclaim, Bad Smells, Discust Boys, Final Count, Jelly Beans, Crück, Mino-5). Except for Scum Bag (Oi!-ish funny punk) all these bands play typical late eighties, US-influenced thrash with the typical japanese twist. Crück are definitely my favorites here, with great, noisy high speed thrashers like „Smash Your Friends“!

Great fucking shit!