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惡AI意 – The Sounds Of Hearts 12″

惡AI意 were another one of these totally maniac japanese thrash bands who could play incredibly fast, kinda catchy hardcore shit and sound like they were in control of what they were doing. This is a compilation on Feral Ward of their 1998 „Arming Rebellion With The Sounds Of Hearts“ 7″ and the studio tracks from their 2000 „A Hope On The Concrete“ LP. There’s also a european version of this 12″ available with three more tracks from their 2nd 7″.
Their name seems to be some kind of pun btw, with „AI“ meaning love and the kanji „AKUI“ meaning malice.

Is that what hearts sound like?

The Comes – Power Never Die 12″

When you compare The Comes‘ LP „Power Never Die“ to their first 12″ you‘d think these were two completely different bands. If you couldn‘t tell from the cover photo, The Comes changed from super-fast and wild thrash to a very eighties heavy metal sound. They‘ve still got a lot of power, attitude and punky moments, and even though I prefer „No Side“ I still like this record a lot. Others may disagree, though.

„People don‘t know how to use their brains…“

v.a. Six Weeks Omnibus 8″

When Chaotic Dischord called one of their albums „Now! That’s What I Call A Fuckin‘ Racket“, they hadn‘t heard anything like THIS yet. Six Weeks released this compilation of japanese thrash/grind/chaos/whatever bands in 1995 in the ever appropriate 8″ flexi format. You‘ll get a lot more noisy, thrashy, fuzzed-out and blast-beating insanity than on the comparatively „tame“ follow up compilation LP from bands like The Gaia, Rose Rose, Zone and a shitload of ofhers that are just as wild!

„Brand new music called hardcore punk…“

Shikabane – 人のために生きるか 自分のために生きるか 12″

„Hito no tameni ikiruka jibun no tameni ikiruka“ (roughly „Do I live for others or do I live for myself?“) is Shikabane’s first 12″ from 1998. It still sounds a lot like their first 7″ or the split ep with Agathocles. Even though the sound is heavier and it’s got songs that last over two minutes (shock!), this 12″ is still thrashy, blast-beating hardcore and not yet the dark insanity of Ego And Desire or their „Why Do You Live“ LP.

Who do YOU live for?

Typhus 1980.10.28 Tape

Typhus were some kind of a nucleus of the developing japanese hardcore scene in 1980. They existed for something like a year and only had this tape (my version here is a bootleg from the early 2000s and has a different cover than the original) and one mega-rare, insanely expensive flexi 7″ as their releases, but were hugely influential. Among their changing members were Shin of Gauze, Tam of G-Zet, The Stalin and ADK-Records, plus people of Aburadako, Isolation, Nubile etc.
What I really love about this tape is how fucking amateuristic it is! The guitar is fucking raw and often drowns the bass, the drummer just can‘t keep up and fumbles his way through these semi-songs, the two singers are chaotic and great, and the last song is a somewhat recognisable Slits cover in japanese!

Punk just can‘t get any better than this!

Sex Android – Planet Venus 12″

What drugs were these guys doing when they designed their record covers? This Dali-versus-what-the-eighties-thought-cyberspace-would-look-like LP cover may hint at bad disco-pop, but just like their earlier 7″, Sex Android’s 1988 LP „Planet Venus“ is first rate Death Rock/gothic. Since I‘ve got nothing else I could say about them…

…here’s the link!

Ghoul – Oi! Oi! 7″

„Oi! Oi!“ is the last release of Ghoul’s original incarnation. Originally intended to be a track on the ADK Omnibus Vol. 3, Ghoul had to release the song themselves as a one track flexi, because ADK’s Tam vanished in 1985 before the compilation could see the light of day. Musically „Oi! Oi!“ lives up to its name: it’s a complete departure from Ghoul’s earlier heavy primitivity and much more like Masami’s solo stuff.

Running down the backstreets?

Kuro – Hardcore Damnation – 1983/1986 LP

Kuro must be my favorites of those crazy Kyūshū noisecore bands. Hardcore Damnation – 1983/1986 is a recent bootleg compilation of almost all their releases. It’s got their debut live 7″, the Who The Helpless 8″ , the tracks from the Pinch And Ouch! compilation LP and the Fire 7″. What’s missing are the studio outtakes that came as a bonus for the Fire 7″ and the posthumous Revival Of Death 7″.

Do you enjoy distortion to deafness? Then get it!

Mustang – いかれた Future 7″

The cover artwork of Mustang’s 7″ „いかれた Future“ from 2000 may look pretty 60s, but the music is about as psychedelic as being hit over the head with Marshall full stack. As of this day this is the most rockin‘ shit I have posted on this blog. Now turn up your stereo, raise your mano cornuta, mosh through your room and don‘t forget to apologize to your mommy for all the noise!

いかれた Future!